Disasters can also bring blessings, like in California. There was a crack in the road due to the earthquake, this place became crowded with tourists. Last weekend, not only Indonesia was hit by the earthquake. California also feels the same way, as quoted by Landdisposition from FoxNews.

Aftershocks occur and produce large cracks in the highway. The crack turned out to cross the Mojave Desert. According to local residents, they felt the ground tremble. The ground moved underfoot and a roar came like a freight train from underground, as Emily Guerin reported.

Big cracks are a concern. Many residents came to see where these cracks would end.

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Arriving in the Mojave Desert, these cracks have become an attraction. Local residents and tourists come only out of curiosity. They not only saw but also photographs. So show culture on Social Media, there are tourists who come for miles just to see cracks in the Mojave Desert. They took selfies with various poses.

Not just ordinary photos. These tourists are also curious about the contents of the gaps caused by the earthquake. Some are willing to put their hands in to know how deep the earthquake cracks are. If not hands, they put their feet in to try the earthquake crack sensation. Now, this crack is one of the new tourist spots in the Mojave Desert, California.

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