Pink City. Thus the nickname of the city of Jaipur, located in the Golden Triangle of India. Rich in charm and full of history, this is the picture of the Pink City.

Jaipur is one of the cities in Rajasthan, India, that is within the Golden Triangle (golden triangle) of India’s tourist routes besides Delhi and Agra. A triangle will form if a line drawn between the three cities.

As reported by, tourists visiting Jaipur will soon find the reason behind the Pink City designation for the city. Most of the historic buildings in Jaipur are terracotta pink.

It also mentioned that the uniformity of colors not separated from Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh, who was recorded in power in Jaipur in the period 1835-1880. That said, it could not be separated from his strategy to impress Prince Albert of England.

Pink City Jaipur

It is said, in 1876, Prince Albert visited all of India on an official visit of a long duration without being accompanied by my dear wife, Victoria. It said that he began to get tired and feel lonely during his visit.

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh tried that. His first attempt was to make sure Prince Albert came to Jaipur, one of which was by building a grand concert hall called Albert Hall. This step is successful. With Prince Albert certainly coming to Jaipur, the Maharaja then beautified his city by repainting the entire town.

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“The color chosen is terracotta pink because historically this color is a reflection of the welcoming and hospitality,” said

Prince Albert’s visit had indeed passed more than a century, but the color pink was still dominant until now. Well, according to his story, this could not be separated from the persuasion of Maharaja’s favorite wife, who wants Jaipur to have a pink nuance – her favorite color still. Maharaja also ordered that the entire building must remain pink in 1877, and the effect is always felt today.

Pink City India

So, what tourist attractions must be visited to absorb the charm and history in Jaipur fully? One of the main ones is Hawa Mahal, a palace made of sandstone. The nickname “Palace of the Winds” is a five-story building built-in 1799. The exterior, which has 953 small windows, is similar to a honeycomb structure. Very unique.

In its history, the Hawa Mahal was used as a palace where the princesses and royal daughters lived. At that time the Eve was not allowed to leave the house carelessly. And so as not to saturate, unusually quiet (less date of profile update), made hundreds of windows there.

History buffs who come to Jaipur will be spoiled by the presence of other palaces, namely Jal Mahal or “Water Palace.” The reason? This palace is indeed in the middle of Lake Man Sagar, India. This place is usually a tourist spot to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise.

Another case with Nahargarh Fort, which is famous among tourists as one of the favorite places to see dusk. Located on the edge of Mount Aravalli, Nahargarh Fort presents a beautiful sunset with views of the city of Jaipur from a height.

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