Ever imagined being a king or queen living in a palace? In England, there is a castle that is rented out to the public in order to realize that wishful thinking.

Quoted from Landdisposition.com, it is one of the offers from the Homeaway vacation booking site. There is Tawstock Castle, which can be rented for USD 476 per night to experience life like a royal nobleman.

This castle holds up to eight people. So if a traveler brings seven colleagues to spend the night here, per person can arrange USD 60. Anyway, it’s worth remembering that the castle is rented for a minimum of two nights. Yes, if calculated, per person must prepare 120 USD.

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Tawstock Castle is no regular residence. This is a lovely little romantic castle deep in Devon’s desire. Rest 8, a friendly retreat near the stunning village of Tawstock near the sandy beaches of Barnstaple & N. Devon.

Located in Devon, a rural village in Tawstock, this historic building is the last castle of its kind that was built in England in the 18th century. In terms of interior, this castle looks more modern and far from the impression of the 18th century. There is an updated living room and TV, as well as a renovated kitchen. There is even a foosball table for travelers who want to spend time in the castle.

However, an old-fashioned feel is also still left in this castle. One of them was in two reconnaissance towers that were built for the original owners of that era. Then, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the castle, visitors also enjoy relaxing in the 1-hectare courtyard and roof terrace that offers views of the English countryside.

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