The end of the year holiday is insight. For those of you who have vacation plans to Japan, you can stop by one of the places to enjoy the beautiful night in Tokyo.

Enjoy the beauty of Tokyo, will feel more leverage from the height at night. You who want to get those two things can also stop by Tokyo Skytree which is located in Sumida, Tokyo. 634 meters high, Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world. While in the row of the world’s tallest buildings, its position is at number 2 after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Behind the height is quite fantastic, in fact, Tokyo Skytree is also called very romantic. Especially if you come at night. also briefly witnessed his charm while visiting Japan last week. Going by train, I first went to Tokyo Skytree Station which was directly under the tower. After stepping out of the train station, the panoramic view of Tokyo Skytree soaring and bathed in light immediately struck my eyes.

Tokyo Skytree, Beautiful Night in Tokyo

Exit the station, flickering lights and Tokyo Skytree mascots wrapped in shades of Christmas. The cold Tokyo air that night added even more atmosphere. That’s just on the outside, make sure you also go up to the Tokyo Skytree tower. Just beforehand, make sure you first buy the entry ticket on the ground floor.

For information, there are a number of packages with different prices to ride to Tokyo Skytree. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, there is a Tokyo Skytree combo package price of 3,100 Yen (weekday) and 3,400 Yen (weekend) which includes all floors.

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After buying the Tokyo Skytree entrance ticket, the traveller will be directed to the elevator that will take the traveller to the 450th Tembo Galleria on the top floor. Interestingly, the elevator is able to bring a traveller to the top floor at a speed of 600 meters per minute. The ears are also slightly swayed by it.

Tokyo Skytree, Beautiful Night in Tokyo

The View Over Tokyo Skytree

Arriving at the top floor, panoramic views of Tokyo immediately unfolded clearly from the observatory room. The flickering of lights at night makes Tokyo even more like a sea of ​​light.

Still, on the same floor, a traveller can also find a number of photo spots for selfies with friends. Satisfied to see the beautiful panorama of Tokyo, the journey continues to Tembo Deck on the 350th floor. On this floor, a traveller can still enjoy the panoramic view of Tokyo from a lower level. Not only that, but there are also bars to gift shops that sell a variety of souvenirs typical of Tokyo Skytree.

From that floor, the journey continues manually without an elevator to the 340th floor. Interestingly, on this floor, a traveller can find a glass floor that is quite challenging as a photo spot. Try taking pictures on it if you dare. Satisfied to see panoramic views of Tokyo, a traveller will be invited back to the ground floor of Tokyo Skytree. If hungry, there are a number of food and beverage vendors.

There is also the Tokyo Solamachi shopping area as well as an interesting exhibition hall and Sumida Aquarium that can be seen by a traveller. Oh yes, Tokyo Skytree is open from 08:00 to 22:00 local time. You have to come here to see the beautiful city lights in Tokyo.

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