Bored with the same tourist destinations in South Korea? Try to go to Gangwon province which presents a sensation of winter vacation, complete with snow mountains for skiing.

The province, which borders directly with North Korea, gained more popularity after successfully hosting Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics in 2018. Now, Gangwon continues to actively carry out their tourism promotion activities and capture new markets.

Gangwon is expected to become one of the destinations including cities in it like Gangneung City. Then, Hongcheon County and Pyeongchang County, as well as several ski resorts such as Yongpyong Resort, Daemyung Vivaldi Park and Phoenix Park will participate and be ready to show off the winter charm in Gangwon.

Enjoying Winter and Skiing in Gangwon Korea

In addition to winter game attractions, Gangwon Province also has various other exciting festivals spread throughout the year, such as the Goseong Lavender Festival in June, the Pyeongchang Hyoseok Cultural Festival in September, the Jeongseon Arirang Festival in October and the Hwacheon Ice Fishing Festival in January.

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In addition, Gangwon Province is also the place to shoot a number of popular Korean drama films namely “Winter Sonata” to “Goblin”. The most recent is the Taebaek Hanbo coal mine where the popular Korean drama “Descendants of the Sun” is recorded and is one of the favorite destinations for tourists to trace the story of “Song Song Couple”.

Gangwon cuisine is no less interesting to taste when you visit, such as Dakgalbi from Chuncheon, Hwangtae from Pyeongchang, Gondre from Jeongseon, Chodang Dubu from Gangneung, and many other gastronomic attractions.

Gangwon Province Deputy Governor Jeong Man Ho said in a press statement that South Korea is still one of the favorite destinations of European tourists. This can be seen from the positive response of the community to the Korean Wave trend in Southeast Asia.

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