Gado-Gado is indeed one of Indonesia’s foods that are loved by many people. What’s interesting is, Gado-gado is considered as Indonesian food which is often viral on social media. summarizes, some facts about Gado-gado called Indonesian salads:

National food The Ministry of Tourism (formerly) established Gado-gado as one of Indonesia’s five ethnic foods since 2018. These results were determined based on the Forum Group Discussion (FGD) of the culinary community in Indonesia.

Five other foods besides Gado-gado are Soto, nasi goreng, rendang, and satay. These five foods are called ethnic foods because they are considered to represent Indonesian cuisine that can be introduced abroad.

In February 2018, world celebrity chef Jamie Oliver was viral for making a hodgepodge with his own recipe. In the video upload he shared on his Twitter account, Jamie practised the process of making a hodgepodge.

British Chef Jamie Oliver Loves Gado-Gado

However, due to limited ingredients, Jamie replaced some Gado-gado ingredients and cooked them differently. He uses various vegetables such as red cabbage, white cabbage, boiled potatoes, fried tofu, turnips, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bean sprouts.

Vegetables are boiled first. Not only that, but Jamie also made the sauce using peanut butter. He mixes peanut butter with palm sugar, garlic, and lemon juice. Gado-Gado is already going international. Many chefs and restaurants in the world are already familiar with Gado-gado. Some even tried the Gado-gado recipe and made it with their version.

Peanut Soup

One of the unique is processed Gado-gado in the Netherlands. Instagram account @sadfood uploaded the testimony of an Indonesian student studying in the Netherlands.

It says there, Indonesian Gado Gado Soup. The appearance is in the form of a large saucepan containing thick yellowish-brown liquid soup. The Gado-gado also served not using any vegetables like Indonesian Gado-gado.

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