A roller coaster that will break the record for the highest, fastest and longest track is being built in the Middle East.

Quoted from CNN Travel, which is called Falcon Flight, the roller coaster will be the main attraction at Six Flags Qiddiya. It is planned that the amusement park will open in Saudi Arabia in 2023.

Roller Coaster

According to Qiddiya Investment Company in partnership with Six Flags which is headquartered in the United States, this roller coaster will take a 2,4 mil route.

Tourists will feel the sensation of plunging vertically from the top of the cliff into a 524′ ft deep valley. The speed has never been owned by a roller coaster in general, reaching 155/miles per hour. Falcon Flight will also be the highest free standing coaster structure in the world.

Fastest, Highest and Longest Roller Coaster in the World

Falcon Flight will carry 20 passengers for three minutes offering views of the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park.

Roller Coaster

Not only roller coasters, Six Flags Qiddiya has a total of 28 rides in six themed areas, The City of Thrills, Discovery Springs, Steam Town, Twilight Gardens, Valley of Fortune and Grand Exposition. The construction of the recreational park has been started since 2018.

Falcon Flight was designed by a company known for making rides at the amusement park, Intamin. During its more than 50 years of existence, the company has made many of the world-famous roller coaster rides.

One of them is the holder of the fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, UAE. The speed is traveling up to 150/miles per hour.

The tallest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka is also a product of Intamin. Located at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey, the train will slide from a height of 42′ ft.

Meanwhile, the title of longest roller coaster in the world is currently owned by Steel Dragon 2,000. Made by DH Morgan Manufacturing, these roller coaster can be found at the Nagashima Spa Land Japan theme park in Nagashima, Kuwana.

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