This small island was once a prison. But because of its beauty, Fernando de Noronha is a paradise for tourists who want peace. An island called Fernando de Noronha is a remote place for Brazilians. Apart from South America, this island holds a lot of opium for tourists.

Before looking at hidden treasures, still, discuss the island’s past. Written by Landdisposition from the BBC, Fernando de Noronha is 350 km from the northeast coast of Brazil.

Because of its remote location, Fernando de Noronha was conceived to be a prison in the 18th century until the 20th century. From thieves to murderers to high-class political prisoners, were once stationed here. Because of its isolation, this island is nicknamed Fora do Mundo or outside of the earth. Brazilian writer Gustavo Penalva gave this nickname.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Although living on a beautiful island, but the inmates are not allowed to enjoy it all — the officer was guarding the beach. Inmates work from Monday to Saturday. Most of them work in the fields or as fishermen. Don’t expect to run away with a small boat; the waves on this island are massive.

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If the prisoner behaves well, there will be a reward given. The family of the prisoner may come to visit Fernando de Noronha Island. Fernando de Noronha was also part of World War II. There are many prisoners of war placed here.

After the prison was deactivated, many prisoners did not return to their original places. They prefer to live on this beautiful desert island. From here, the island began to grow and develop. But to become permanent residents, detainees must take care of it to the government first.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil

Life on Fernando de Noronha goes pretty slowly. Amenities enter quite long into this island. When Brazil finally freed itself from Portugal in 1822, the news arrived only two years later on this island.

At present, Fernando de Noronha included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The prison ruins that once stood here are still visible behind the creeper. The best thing that can do in here is diving and surfing. In South America, Fernando de Noronha provided extraordinary experiences at these two activities.

The island is also known as the world’s highest dolphin habitat. There are also lobsters, turtles and tropical fish. To maintain natural habitat this 28.5 square km island only receives 420 tourists every day.

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