Ferrari World effectively eliminated Disneyland as the very best entertainment park in 2019. This is a leisure park between East, Abu Dhabi.

Reported by The Sun, this year is the very first time for Ferrari World has been named as the globe’s leading leisure park. Previously this recreation park became the best between the East region. The World Traveling Awards provided the award. This tourist honor occasion is an Oscar honor for the tourism industry.

Galleria Ferrari Ferrari World

Galleria Ferrari likes the exhibition gallery. This is where Ferrari cars are displayed from time to time. From the classic to the modern and full of advanced technology. There is a Ferrari car output from 1947 to F355 Serie Fiorano. Not to forget, the Ferrari racing car that took part in the F1 race ridden by Fernando Alonso was also on display in it.

Fun, each car is equipped with detailed information. Information on the year of manufacture up to engine specifications. The sleek appearance of the vehicle, the more reluctant to blink at the sight of the only car. To further liven up the atmosphere, the roar of a Ferrari engine will be heard. Fun again, a traveler is free to take pictures in it.

F1 Formula Rossa

Ferrari World is referred to as the first theme park in the world that makes use of the Ferrari brand. Furthermore, Ferrari World additionally has the fastest rollercoaster worldwide called the Formula Rossa.

The Formula Rossa is shaped like a replica of a Ferrari race car. You will feel sitting in the cockpit of the original Ferrari F1 car, like racer Sebastian Vettel or Kimi Raikkonen. The interior is made bright red, the same as the pride of Ferrari.

The thrill of riding an F1 Formula Rossa car becomes the name of the fastest roller coaster in the world. In only about two seconds, this roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 97 kilometers per hour. However, that number is not the fastest point of the Formula Rossa.

This game has a velocity from 0 to 150 miles per hour (about 241 kilometers per hr) in only five secs with g-force (the gravitational force due to acceleration) getting to 4.8. This video game is severe, where guests need to wear protective glasses.

Besides Formula Rossa, there are also various other car-themed rollercoasters, such as Traveling Aces, Turbo Track, and Fiorano GT Challange. For children who can not attempt extreme flights, they can enjoy children’s playgrounds and enjoy films.

On the other hand, adults will typically try to drive a Ferrari vehicle. They can also attempt to alter F1 cars and truck tires in this theme park. Ticket prices for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi start from AED 240 for children and AED 295 for adults. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is open every day, from 11.00 noon to 20.00 local time.

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