Fishing Village in Greenland, Have a Secret Code from a Colorful House

A fishing village in Greenland stole attention after his portrait won the prestigious National Geographic award. However, this village has a secret code.

It is Upernavik, a simple fishing village in Greenland. Recently, photographer Chu Weimin’s ‘Greenlandic Winter’ photographer containing a photo of the village successfully made him viral.

Collected by Land disposition from various sources, the jury of the National Geographic Travel Photo contest said that the photos of Upernavik village Weimin’s shots were so unique as reported by Australia News.

In addition to the good composition of photos, it turns out that the houses in the fishing village have hidden codes that are only known to the residents. The code appears from the color of each different house.

History of Greenland

“Historically, Greenland buildings were colored differently to indicate different functions. From red to blue, each has a function when the village is covered in snow,” Weimin said in an explanation.

According to the Visit Greenland site, each color attached to the building has its own function. The red color, for example, signifies a commercial house. Yellow for hospitals, black for police stations, blue for fish companies, and green for telephone companies.

As for the building, using wood, bones, and fur of game animals. The material is adapted to conditions in Greenland which tend to be cold, especially in winter.

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