Saudi Arabia continues to polish its readiness to become a tourist destination. They have done a series of megaprojects in the tourism sector. Saudi Arabia has recently issued visa visas for tourists in 49 countries. This visa can be obtained online through the electronic visa portal (eVisa), or permit on arrival upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. In 2017, the Saudi Arabian government also allowed tourists to wear bikinis on the beach. This rule only applies to tourist areas, namely at the mega-resorts on the Red Sea.

Initiated by the Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammed bin Salman, the construction of the resort is in the 200 km area, which is planned to begin construction in 2019 and done in 2022. Reportedly, the resort will equip with various luxury facilities. The funds spent were around USD 5 billion! But apparently, the mega project for tourism is not only in the coastal areas. Several mega projects are being worked on by Saudi Arabia to welcome tourists to their country.

Collected, following a list of mega tourism projects in Saudi Arabia.

Ad Diriyah

Ad Diriyah Suadi Arabia

Ad Diriyah is also called the ‘jewel of Saudi Arabia,’ where the site is believed to drive tourism in Saudi Arabia. Ad Diriyah is the site of the first country, which became the centre of the original power of the Al Saud family of Saudi Arabia.

Located on the outskirts of Riyadh, the Ad Diriyah region is set to become a major tourist destination that has luxury resorts and international class hotels, as well as a variety of restaurants and classy entertainment. The first hotel will be opened at the end of 2021, while Ad Diriyah presented in 2020.

Also in Ad Diriyah is the UNESCO site, the Al-Turaif site. This Ad Diriyah is a city built of bricks that have existed since the 15th century. This site has begun since 2010.


Neom city saudi arabia

NEOM is a candidate for a futuristic technology city in Saudi Arabia. The funds raised for this project are worth USD 500 billion. NEOM is the flagship project of Saudi Arabia’s post-oil diversification plan known as Vision 2030, which seeks to reduce the kingdom’s dependence on hydrocarbons.

This zone is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, which covers the border region of Egypt and Jordan, with an area of ​​26,500 square kilometres. This area is under construction, and this area is 35 times the size of Singapore and will contain more than 450 Km of coastline.

Later, the Neom region will accommodate areas dedicated to future technology in 16 sectors, including biotech, food, manufacturing, and technology. There will also be a construction village that contains a green area with gardens, vegetable plots, and ornamental gardens. Provided with a soccer field, gymnasium, tennis and basketball courts, and others.

Neom was dubbed the ‘window of luck’ for the Red Sea because it was close to the borders of Jordan and Egypt. Or put, the first independent international zone that spans three countries.

Red Sea Project

red sea saudi arabia

This project was carried out in the coastal cities of Umluj and Al Wajh, with an area of ​​30,000 square kilometres. The Red Sea is an area with beautiful islands, desert landscapes, historical and archaeological treasures, and inactive volcanoes.

Five Major Tourism Projects in Saudi Arabia in the Next 10 Years

The project will become a fully integrated, luxurious, and versatile multi-purpose resort in the Middle East. The design of this area focuses on cultural heritage and conservation, which provides 8,000 hotel rooms. The 200-kilometre stretch includes unspoiled beaches and vast desert landscapes rich in ancient archaeological wealth. Not only that, but they will also build artificial islands and plant 15 million plants covering 100 hectares.

This destination not only offers resorts and views of the island. There is also abundant marine life and world-class diving.


Amaala saudi arabia

Still, in the area along the Red Sea, the Tabuk Province is bordered by Neom City and the Red Sea Project. This project will help with the development of a new tourism centre in Saudi Arabia. This development will add 2,500 hotel rooms, 700 villas, and private housing and retail areas with 200 outlets. Amaala will also present an arts academy to develop young artists from Saudi Arabia.

An area of ​​3,000 square kilometres will later have its airport and target, luxury travellers. Then this area is also equipped with development for education, infrastructure, y = parks, and housing.


Qiddiya Saudi Arabia

Qiddiya built into Saudi Arabia’s leading entertainment, sport, and cultural destination. This project is on the outskirts of Riyadh and is the kingdom’s first and largest entertainment centre in the world. The construction of Qiddiya is targeted to perform in 2023. It will be home to the fastest roller coaster in the world and various other vehicles. It also includes sports facilities and a safari park.

The Qiddiya project has been started in April 2018 and is progressing in three phases. This year it is targeted to launch the Qiddiya Experience Center and the start of stage one construction.

Saudi Arabia is home to 5 UNESCO Cultural Heritage

Not only smells of luxurious nuance, but Saudi Arabia also prioritizes its cultural and archaeological wealth. There are 5 UNESCO sites located in the territory of Saudi Arabia.

  • Rock Art is 10,000 years old in Hail
  • Al Ahsa oasis The greatest in the world
  • The archaeological site of Al-Hijr
  • Fort District At-Turaif
  • Old City Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has an Extraordinary Appeal

Reporting from the CNN travel, Laura Alho an Influencer Finnish saying that Saudi Arabia has extraordinary appeal. Saudi Arabia has a rich, historical, and diverse landscape. Of course, this statement from Alho also dismissed the stigma that Saudi Arabia is only about oil and barren deserts.

Likewise, with the recognition of Marc Nous, a photographer from Paris who has visited Saudi Arabia twice, he attended the historic Al-Ula desert and the Al-Soudah mountains. “The goodness of the people who live there is the main point. I often travel to various countries and do not find anything as beautiful as in the two places above. I heard that Saudi Arabia would open its tourism, and I am sure this will succeed because they are very rich in culture and history, “he said.

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