Foodies, Come Visit 5 Foods Themed Inns!

Foodies will definitely feel at home while staying here. Because the following 5 inns present the theme of foods such as avocados to hot dogs.

There are several interesting food-themed inns visited. Each has its uniqueness ranging from the form to the facilities in it. Foodies who are fond of traveling, make sure not to miss the following 5 inns.

Avocados Hotel

Popular as a healthy fruit, condominiums now form a whole avocado in Sydney, Australia. This inn called Avo-Condo is also equipped with avocado seeds and matching colored grass carpets. The interior is also interesting with mattresses, pillows, and avocado theme lights.

Avocado condos can be reserved online for a maximum of two days’ stay. For the rental price, you can stay here for $70 per night.

Sausage Hotel

If you love sausages, you should stop by this new hotel in Germany. His name is Wursthotel which is dedicated specifically to Bratwurst sausages. All the trinkets are sausage themed. Starting from rolling the shape of sausages to pieces of meat in the room.

This hotel was made by a butcher or butcher named Claus Boebel. Reportedly Wursthotel became the world’s first sausage hotel. Facilities are 7 comfortable sausage themed rooms including meeting rooms.

Wine Barrel Hotel

What happens if you stay in a barrel or a special wooden barrel to store wine? You can feel this when visiting a wine garden in Portugal. This wine hotel is located in Duoro.

The facilities certainly make it comfortable because it is equipped with a king-size bed, wardrobe, bathroom with walk-in shower, private terrace, and windows on the ceiling that allow guests to stare at the stars at night.

Hot Dogs Car

Don’t miss the unique experience of staying overnight on a hot dog car. Food producer Oscar Meyer rents this unique car via Airbnb. 8.3 meters in length with yellow and orange paint that stole attention.

The interior of this hot dog car is made very comfortable and elegant. and folding beds, sofas and various other entertainment facilities that can make your vacation more memorable. Not to forget the Chicago hot dog style as a meal.

Whiskey Hotel

If this is a whiskey hotel opened in a bar in England. Given the name Black Rock Tavern, the location of the hotel is underground. The rooms are not many, only two smaller rooms and one larger suite.

Even so, the atmosphere is reportedly luxurious with a whiskey theme that is suitable for its lovers. This room will be rented at a price of $ 150 per night.

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