Thailand is famous for paradise beach. But this time, forget about Phuket. There is one island that can be a treasure trove for vitamin sea addicts, especially those who are planning a year-end vacation there. The name is Similan.

The name Similan Island may not be too familiar to travelers. Commonly, because Phuket or Koh Samui is indeed more choices for vacation vacationers for vitamin sea. Similan Islands National Park. That’s the full name, as compiled from the official website. This national park is located in the Andaman Sea.

What makes it so different?

Similan itself consists of 9 islands – in Malay Similan does indeed mean nine. Because of its vibrant ecosystem, Similan Island is one of Thailand’s proud national parks. But behind its wealth, the ecosystem in Similan is so fragile. To balance tourism and nature, the Thai government makes several regulations that must be obeyed to enjoy Similan.

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Similan can not always be visited by tourists. This archipelago is only opened 6 months for tourism activities. From May to October, Similan Island will be closed due to the Monsoon season. The closure of the national park for 6 months is still felt to be less than optimal in preserving the ecosystem. The government finally decided not to allow tourists to stay at this national park.

This is why the Similan Islands is so clean of plastic waste. Underwater paradise included in the list of 10 of the world’s best diving sites. The sea is as clear as glass!

The shoreline of the Similan Islands has the character of stone and white sand. Some rocks become popular spots because of their shape, such as elephants. Diving and snorkeling are the main activities in the Similan blue sea. Sharks, barracudas, Nemo, and another biota can be found in Similan.

How to get Similan Island?

Similan Island itself can be reached by speedboat from Phuket. Takes about 2 hours, tired travel will disappear with the exotic welcome of this island. It feels less satisfied if only day tour to Similan. To make tourists satisfied, the Thai government opened an onboard life tour to Similan. With several trusted agents, tourists are allowed to sail around the national park for 4-5 days.

The official site of the national park also provides advice for booking travel tickets in advance. That’s because the capacity of tourists to the island is also limited. For travelers who are curious about the beauty of this island, do not hesitate to year-end holidays to Similan Islands.

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