The swimming pool in Germany offers an unusual experience. With the wide indoor concept, this water tour is about the size of 5 times a soccer field.

Located in Rust, close to the German-French border, the pool name is Rulantica. If a traveller departs from Euro Airport, France, the time required is approximately one hour, and if from Stuttgart Airport, Germany, it takes 2 hours. The swimming pool was only inaugurated in November 2019.

There are 25 attractions, including a wave pool and 17 types of slides spread over an area of ​​32,600 square meters. Definitely suitable for a traveller who likes adrenaline and water tourism. Well, the two slides named Dugdrob and Vildfal could be a traveller’s choice to drive adrenaline. This slide can make a traveller glide freely. In addition to adrenaline-pumping for adult tourists, there is also a children’s area. This safe slide is suitable for children aged 3-12 years.

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While the hall is shaped like a clam with warm rooms up to 32 degrees Celsius. Inside are 1,700 sun loungers for visitors. Not only inside, outside, there are also 500 sun loungers with hot tubs. This water park has a mascot called Snorry, a cute octopus wearing a Viking helmet with a horn. The construction of water tourism began in September 2017, which was completed within 6 months.

Rulantica, Germany Indoor Swimming Pool

Not far from Rulantica, there is a 4-star hotel called The Kronasar, which has 276 rooms and 28 suites. Uniquely, this inn is a hotel museum concept with a Scandinavian-style exterior. Guests staying at The Kronasar can enter Rulantica earlier in the morning before the pool opens at 10:00 a.m. This water tourism closes at 10:00 p.m local time.

The cost to build is € 180 million, that includes Rutlantica and the adjacent Krønasår hotel. Ticket prices range from € 35.50 for children from 4-11 years old and people with disabilities. As for adults, the ticket price is € 38.50.

Attractions near Rulantica

Rulantica is part of the Europa-Park theme park, if you are tired of playing water all day, you can visit the museum, play roller coaster, rafting, see all the rides playing at Euro-Tower.

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