There is something unique in one of the tours in New York City. Now you can drive around the city in a 1920s classic car.

Summarized by, classic cars that we have never met in this modern era can be tourists riding around the city of New York. A tour company called Nowadays will invite you to ride a 1920-style car that has been repaired. In total, there are 12 antique cars offered. There are 1928 Ford Model cars, 1932 Chrysler Imperial and 1931 Chevrolet Series AE.

COFounder Nowaday, Jaime Getto built this company under the guise of Heather Stupi. They see many tourists who want to tour around New York more than just riding a typical New York bus tour. At present, the one-hour tour route only revolves around the middle of the city and passes through many famous landmarks as passengers ride in between Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Grand Central Station, and Flatiron Building.

According to Heather Stupi, people have never seen this vintage car in everyday life. They only see in movies or shows.

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“People only see these cars in movies or car shows. People say they feel like celebrities when riding it,” Stupi said.

The cars that look vintage have been improved and give a new impression to passengers. There is a playlist from Spotify that a traveler can choose which song.

While all drivers are trained and understand the history of the City of New York, they use vintage clothing in the style of 1920. Tourists can ask anything about the city of New York with this driver. Permanent residents in New York can also learn about the history of the city here. Getto claimed to be very serious in running this company.

“We are very serious about running this content,” Getto said.

The company hopes to expand the area other than around the city. The city center tour is expected to begin in December. The plan, this tour, will be extended to other cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, which will feature cars in the 1950s and 1960s β€” interested to try?

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