Ever watched the movie ‘Godzilla’? This recreation park in Japan is preparing Godzilla that is precisely the same size as in the film!

Reported by Landdisposition from various sources, a recreational park called Nijigen, no Mori on Awaji Island, south of the city of Kobe, is preparing a vehicle for the game Godzilla. No kidding, Godzilla’s size will be about the size of the movies!

The plan, the Godzilla vehicle will be inaugurated in the summer of 2020. From the concept on display, that Godzilla is a giant and very fierce size. Visible, half of Godzilla’s body came out of the ground. His teeth were sharp, and he was ready to put out a fire or something from his mouth.

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Reportedly, the game will invite tourists to face Godzilla. ‘Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji’, that’s the theme. So, Awaji Island attacked by Godzilla. The task of tourists, get into the stomach of Godzilla and put explosives. Watch out, Godzilla’s radioactive substances will attack!

New rides from the Nijigen no Mori recreation park will be different and provide an exciting experience. Besides Godzilla, this recreational park also has the Village of Konoha, you know!

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