Dutch MotoGP 2019 will take place at the weekend in Assen. Before watching a race, let’s acquaint you with the host. The 2019 Dutch MotoGP competition will take place at Assen. These are the moments awaited by MotoGP lovers.

For those of you who watch this prestigious race firsthand, don’t just go out of the hotel to go to the circuit. It turns out Assen is an attractive city of tourist attractions in the Netherlands. Landdisposition.com quoted from the MotoGP website, they said MotoGP lovers did not just come to Assen to watch the race. But also enjoy the beauty of Assen for a more interesting holiday.

Assen is the capital of Drenthe Province. It is located quite far from Amsterdam if by land you will travel as far as 196 Km (about 2 hours drive). There are many things you can meet and do at Assen.

You who like to roam, many shops, cafes and popular bars like Kruisstraat, Mercuriusplein, and Koopmansplein. Feel the atmosphere of local hospitality at the local market which is held every Wednesday and Saturday.


Not only that, many magnificent buildings with interesting architecture that you can see. One of them is the former government building which is now being restored to become the Drent Museum. This local museum has a large collection of archaeological objects and artifacts that are associated with the center of the city of Assen in the 13th century.

Towards Drenthe, you will be spoiled by villages with a well-preserved and beautiful garden. Houses are neatly lined up, complete with various facilities such as cafes to relax and unwind. It’s easy to find a cafe to relax along the way.

You who want to feel the night atmosphere at Drenthe, stop by the city next to Assen, namely Groningen. In Groningen, it is also famous for art, culture, music, theater, and nightlife. Groningen is also famous for its stylish and fun place to hang out casually.

Surrounding Assen is more fun with bicycles. Enjoy the fresh, rustic air and relax in some beautifully arranged green spaces.

Happy watching and holidays.

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