US President Donald Trump plans to buy Greenland. Let’s get to know the largest island in the world that has the phenomenon of the sun not sinking.

Reported from US media, Donald Trump plans to buy Greenland for scientific research to become an army base. In fact, before Donald Trump, previous US presidents like Harry Truman to Abraham Lincoln had done the same thing. To be sure, Greenland has also always rejected the discourse.

Actually, What are Greenland and Where?

Summarized from the official website of VisitGreenland, Greenland is in the Arctic Circle, near the North Pole and in the northern part of the US. Even so, Greenland has been in Danish territory since 1953.

Greenland is the world’s largest island. The extent of reaching 2.16 million square kilometers! Even so, only about 50 thousand inhabitants live there. No doubt, 80 percent of the Greenland region is covered with ice.

If it’s Covered in Ice, Then Why is it Called Greenland?

Investigate a calibration, Greenland (which is translated as green land) is believed by researchers to have indeed been green with lots of trees. But that was really in ancient times, 2.5 million years ago.

Another version says the naming of Greenland was given by someone named ‘Erik The Red’. He was a criminal in Iceland in ancient times and was exiled there. He gave the news that the island was occupied very green and interesting to visit, then it was called by the name Greenland.

According to historians, humans had occupied Greenland around 2500 BC (BC). The native inhabitants of Greenland are called the Inuit, which is the Eskimos. The Inuit came from the North American region, the Vikings from Europe and also from Asia.

Greenland residents occupy the most Nuuk, the capital of 14 thousand people. The city of Sisimiut was joined by 5 thousand people, Ilulissat 4 thousand people, and Qaqortoq 3 thousand people. In total there are 18 cities and 120 villages there. On average one village is inhabited by 50 to 500 people.

Interestingly, the residential area on Greenland is in the southern part of the island. The northern part, completely covered in ice and very extreme to be occupied.

Modes of transportation in Greenland are planes, ships, helicopters and snow trains. There is no smooth road there because the terrain is still coated in thick ice. Even if you get on a boat, it will be tricky. The city of Ittoqqoortoormiit for example, the ocean there has been frozen for 9 months!

Fishing is the main industry in Greenland. In addition to fishing, every region in Greenland has a certain quota to hunt whales and seals. But of course, game animals are not for export but only for consumption by local residents. But some marine animals are protected and should not be hunted, such as blue whales for example.

But now, Greenland is slowly turning on its tourism. Although the number of tourist visits is still small, they are very happy if there are tourists who come and are very open to introducing their culture. Several tour operators from Europe already offer trips to Greenland. The trip there is taken by plane from Iceland.

One of the uniqueness of Greenland besides Aurora is the Midnight Sun phenomenon. A natural phenomenon where the sun does not set! Every year in Greenland, the sun does not set from May 25 to July 25. Phenomenon that is difficult to find in other places, which maybe you are interested in feeling it for a lifetime?

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