In Denmark, there is a historic lighthouse that is 120 years old. But unfortunately, this lighthouse is threatened to collapse because of abrasion. The transfer process was carried out. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, that’s the name of the historic lighthouse in Jutland, Denmark, Germany. The age of the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse has reached 120 years because this lighthouse was built in 1900.

When first built, the lighthouse is about 200 meters from the beach. But now, due to severe abrasion, the lighthouse distance from the beach is now only 6 meters. Moreover, the lighthouse stands on the edge of a cliff with a height of 60 meters that can collapse at any time. Rescue efforts were made so that this iconic lighthouse remains upright and does not collapse by the waves.

Collected from several sources, the Danish Government is very serious about the relocation of the historic lighthouse. They even made a special railroad to move the lighthouse building weighing 1,000 tons.

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The lighthouse building is clamped with steel which is connected to a special cog. This wheel moves on rails that are designed to cross the sand beach. The wheel moves with a speed of 7.9 meters per hour. It is planned that this iconic lighthouse will be moved 80 meters from its original position. That means it takes around 10 hours for the lighthouse to be completely removed.

The Danish Environment Minister, Lea Wermelin called Rubjerg Knude the lighthouse as ‘National Treasure’, aka the Danish treasure that must be saved. Within a year, no less than 250 thousand tourists visit this iconic tourist destination.

No half-hearted, a fund of 5 Million Kroner (around Rp. 10.4 billion) was poured by the Danish government for the rescue effort. Although this lighthouse has stopped operating since 1968 and has been functioned as a museum, the Danes really appreciate their historic buildings and are willing to do anything to maintain it.

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