Last weekend Drake Beach in California, USA, was shocked by the presence of fish that resembled a penis. Here it is the beach, which is the location.

The marine life is called Latin Urechis unicinctus or often called ‘penis fish’ because it looks like male genitalia, viral on social media. The penis fish, which is actually a worm, had a chance to meet the beach in San Francisco, California, United States (US) because of being swept away by a storm.

Furthermore, marine life is found on Drake Beach, which is about 80 km from San Francisco. Collected from from various sources, Sunday (12/15/2019), the original beach is also quite popular among tourists.

Location wise, Drake Beach, is entirely hidden in Point Reyes. If walking location is pretty decent, but can also be reached by driving along the beach. The wave conditions at this beach are also quite calm, making it a fun spot to play paddleboard to play water on the beach surface.

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If you have more time, from Drake Beach, you can continue your tour to Point Reyes Lighthouse, which is located quite close to the beach. Then there is also the Chimney Rock hiking route, which is quite beautiful to explore. Generally, Drake Beach is open every weekend throughout the year but closed in the fall.

Facts About Penis Fish

The appearance of this animal is not appetizing. The shape is long and pale pink. Some say it looks like a large worm, some say exactly the male genitalia. However, this animal became a meal in East Asia.

Urechis unicinctus or Urechis caupo is a species of marine spoon worm. The dwelling place is in a U-shaped sandpit or mud pit. The length varies with the two smaller and hollow ends. This eyed worm moves peristalsis like a gut.

There are many names for this worm. The Chinese call him hǎichang , the Japanese call it yumushi, while Koreans call it gaebul. In general, this worm is known as a fat innkeeper worm or penis fish because of its shape which resembles the tip of a male’s genitals.

Maybe we just saw it amused. However, East Asian people are used to eating it. In Korea and parts of Japan, penis fish or penis fish are eaten raw with the addition of salt and sesame oil as a flavor enhancer. Often penis fish that have been cleaned, cut, and served on a plate are still stretching and disgusting.

The Chinese do not eat it raw. Penis fish or penis fish usually sauteed with vegetables. It can also be dried and made into powder as a flavor enhancer for umami (like MSG). This animal is an important food ingredient and is used in a variety of cuisines in Shandong cuisine.

Community South Korea believe this fish has good benefits to health, especially in terms of add vitality. Foods that increase sexual stamina in America are known as boner foods.

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