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Get to know Tsukemono, Tasty Japanese Vegetable Pickles!


Get to know Tsukemono, Tasty Japanese Vegetable Pickles!

What should not be forgotten when stopping by Japan for a vacation? One of the things we shouldn’t miss is trying various delicious culinary flavours.

Speaking of Japanese cuisine, there are some facts that travel companions should know. The main or main food in Japan is rice, soup, and pickles.

Because pickles are one of the staple foods in Japan, we will definitely see this type of food in various Japanese dishes. Well, this time we will invite fellow travellers to get to know Tsukemono.

What is that? Let’s look at the review below!

Different types of Tsukemono

When vacationing in Japan and eating the food, don’t try the typical Japanese pickled named Tsukemono! This Japanese pickle named Tsukemono doesn’t only have one type, it can be made from a variety of ingredients.

Some types of materials that are usually used to make Tsukeomono are like turnips, cucumbers, and even spinach and wasabi can usually also be made into Tsukemono.

This time we will invite travel mates to find out several types of Tsukemono in Japan. Because you need to know that Tsukemono every area in Japan has different ingredients and even differences in taste so it needs to be known.

If you can travel mates try different types of Tsukemono in each prefecture every time you visit it so you can know the difference in taste.


There Tsukemono is made from cucumber slices, eggplants, to carrots.

The way of making it is also easy and almost the same as making Tsukemono in general, after the ingredients are cut into pieces, the next step is to mix it with salt and shisho.

Tsukemono’s name is Shibazuke, besides its attractive appearance, this Tsukemono also has a fresh and salty taste.

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Pickled Ginger

As we said above, there are many types of Tsukemono in Japan. Because each prefecture has its own Tsukemono, it’s no wonder that almost every time we eat it, it’s different.

Well if possible you are used to seeing pickles made from a mixture of fruits and vegetables. How would it be if the pickled or Tsukemono was made from ginger?

Can travel mates imagine this salty taste? Tsukemono is made of ginger, travel mates! His name is Beni Shoga or pickles made from red ginger.

In addition, there is also a pickle named Gari made from Ginger. Usually, the pickle named Gari is served with Sashimi.

Maybe we as Western people never eat pickles made from ginger like this, usually only pickles made from fruit or vegetables.

Well, this pickle from Ginger has many benefits, one of which is to warm the body considering the weather in Japan is quite cold.

That was some information that we could convey to the travel mates about pickling named Tsukemono typical of Japan.

If traveling to Japan, don’t forget to try the Tsukeomono! Want to try Tsukemono?

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