Traveler likes or still remember the cartoon Crayon Shin-chan by Yoshito Usui? If you claim to be a fan, Shinchan’s “home” in Kasukabe, Japan could be a destination for holidays.

Popular in the 90s, the big-name Crayon Shin-chan was popularly watched on television both in Japan and abroad. Maybe there are among travelers who are still laughing if you remember the behavior of Shinnosuke ‘Shin’ Nohara in his anime or manga.

However, perhaps not many people know that the settings in the Crayon Shin-chan comics and films are set in a city called Kasukabe in Saitama Prefecture. also had a visit to the hometown of Shin-chan.

Crayon Shinchan's House, Kasukabe Japan

Upon arrival at Kasukabe Station, the nuances of Crayon Shin-chan can be directly found on several sides. From information boards to murals on the walls, Shinchan and his little friends can be found.

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Stepping outside the station, you can also see the figure of Shin-chan and his little white dog named Shiro on the station’s signboard. Depart from the station and walk your feet to Ge-sen Crayon Shin-chan which is inside the shopping center building there. Starting from the outside, I was again welcomed by a large size Shinchan signboard.

Crayon Shinchan's House, Kasukabe Japan

Like heaven for lovers of Shin-chan characters, here can be found various games and souvenirs with the theme of Crayon Shin-chan. Interestingly, there were also different display pictures of Shinchan’s small family to his friends. For Shin-chan lovers, there are also various films and film episodes that are neatly displayed.

If you don’t want to go out much and just want to take a picture, of course, you can. There is no entrance fee to view or take photos with the Shinchan character at the venue. If you want souvenirs or souvenirs for friends or relatives at home, this place is also quite strategic. Especially for those of you who like Shinchan.

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