Going to the mountains and beaches can make you healthier and happier

To maintain health, we are usually encouraged to eat, exercise, and rest regularly. However, there was one more thing that turned out to be good for health. A British study recently found that traveling to nature (forests, mountains, parks, or beaches) at least two hours per week turned out to have a positive impact on mental and physical health. The study was published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports based on interviews with around 20,000 people in the UK about their interactions with nature in the previous week.

The result is among those who only for a moment or even don’t visit nature at all, half report if their life satisfaction is low. While four of them said if his health condition was bad. Furthermore, for those who spent at least two hours in nature, only one in three said that their level of life satisfaction was low. Even only one in seven people say if their health condition is bad.

Complex relationship Reporting from CNN Travel, research leader, Mathew White from the University of Exeter Medical School said if his side was surprised because the findings were consistent in almost all groups studied. The group consists of young, old, male, female, urban residents, villagers, those who live in poor neighborhoods, and those who live in rich neighborhoods. However, the most important group is those who have congenital disease or disability.

“We are concerned that our effects are only because of healthier people who visit nature. However, these findings suggest that people with congenital diseases who spend at least two hours in nature have better conditions, “said Mathew White.

He continued if it did not matter whether for two hours in nature it was one trip or divided into several sessions. This study also only measures the length of time people spend outside the home, not nature such as their own home garden.

More active when in nature The study report also explains if someone is usually more active when traveling to nature. This finding is a plausible explanation for why one becomes healthier when going to nature, not just the interaction between nature and humans. However, research also refers to the practice of Japanese shinrin-yoku which shows if various physiological benefits can be obtained, even if only sitting in nature.

Meanwhile, Mark Psychology professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia said that experience in nature seemed to improve health and its effects were also strong.

However, new research is limited to people living in the UK. Further research is needed in the future to see whether traveling to nature has the same effect on people throughout the world.

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