The beauty of Bali is indeed riveting various eyes of the world. In fact, there is a Balinese Village in the Bamboo Curtain Country. If you visit Hainan Island, in addition to enjoying the tropical atmosphere of the Hawaiian style of China, there are also traces of the archipelago. Its name is taken from the popular tropical island in Indonesia, namely Bali.

Indeed, Hainan has a lot of orientation to generate tourism from Hawaii and Bali. However, the name Bali actually has traces of history attached to the past. So, this area used to be a place where residents of Southeast Asia, especially Indonesians of Chinese descent lived around 1960.

Diamond Beach, New Destinations on Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia

Likewise with Chinese citizens who trade in Indonesian territory. Because of PP 10 of 1959 concerning the prohibition of foreign small and retail trade businesses outside the capital cities of the Swatantra region I and II as well as the residency, which required Chinese-descended Chinese traders in a number of Indonesian regions to return to their countries. They also have to divert their wares to native Indonesians.

Hainan China Has a Village Like Bali in Indonesia

They returned to China and a number of other regions. One of them is the Hainan region precisely at this location. So, they settled in this area and named the village of Bali. At present, the region is a cultural center that also displays a variety of tourist attractions. The atmosphere is indeed like in Indonesia. Various scripts and Indonesian are easily found there.

Although not everything is about Bali, but also from all cultures in Hainan Binglang Gulimiao Culture Tourist Zone. A traveler can find culinary delicacies such as cake, ice cendol, and even Balinese funny souvenirs. In a number of places, a traveler will see some history that tells the relationship between Indonesia and China. Likewise, the history of Chinese traders who traveled to the archipelago.

Do not forget, at certain moments there are also typical performances of Indonesia. For example, traditional dance combined with Indonesian pop songs. In fact, the dancers who performed also came from Indonesia. Wow, it really feels like Bali!

At the end of the tour, a traveler can also enjoy and buy various souvenirs and snacks typical of Hainan. Such as dried coconut, processed sweet potatoes, coffee, and various teas. Well, generally Indonesian tourists who travel to Hainan use tour packages because it’s cheaper. The village of Bali is definitely one of the itineraries.

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