Hainan, Peace Island in the Communist Land

China is a vast country and offers diverse nature. One of them is Hainan Island, the atmosphere is peaceful. With an area of ?? 34 thousand square kilometers, Hainan is one of the islands that become tourist attractions in China. Hainan is often nicknamed Hawaii from China. This is because the air is tropical and different from mainland China.

Even though China is a communist country, they are serious about developing tourism in Hainan. Hainan has the capital city of Haikou province, which is also the entrance of tourists. Even so, the heart of tourism life is located 2 hours drive from the capital, Sanya.

The layout of the city of Hainan is practically neat. According to data from WTTC, Hainan has indeed made its territory into an international tourist destination. Local governments look in a number of tropical regions with the beauty of the island as its attractions, such as Hawaii.

One form of seriousness in generating tourism is to provide subsidies to a number of countries to bring tourists. Before 2018, tour packages to Hainan reached Rp 11 million.

But after that year, the Hainan government provided subsidies in various forms, so the tour package to Hawaii from China was only Rp. 3 million including transportation, food, and accommodation.

Transportation of Local Residents

People of Hainan are quite relaxed and environmentally friendly. They like to walk and ride motorbikes. The motor used is also powered by electricity. Hybrid vehicles also have a green plate. Unlike the car that uses a blue plate, meaning that it uses gasoline as fuel. As very serious to preserve nature, the gasoline that is sold is quite expensive. The price reaches IDR 20 thousand / liter or 10 yuan.

Even so, the toll fee in Hainan is free. This is because the government entered the price when buying gasoline vehicles. However, there is one thing that could make tourists shake their heads. Motorcycle lane, on some roads it is made specifically. But not infrequently, vehicles stop in the pedestrian lane. In a way, Hainan is very peaceful and safe to visit. A number of policemen stand guard on protocol streets. So even with adequate public facilities.


Special accommodations for foreign tourists are labeled specifically. In tourist lodgings, generally listed the number of police on duty complete with qualified guard. For tourist attractions, generally, the tourist center is in the Sanya region. Here, there are a number of hotels, cruise attractions to several live shows created specifically for tourists.

Generally, many tourists who come from mainland China and Russia. Highly upholding the original language, even travelers will find it difficult to find local residents who can communicate with English. Even so, public places and a number of public facilities have information in English. Although to communicate is rather difficult. In fact, some writing in Russian was also given. This is to attract more tourists from Russia and some neighboring countries in Asia.


There is No Hainanese Rice on Hainan Island

For culinary tours, food in Hainan is not much different from the menu in Indonesia. Such as stir-fried vegetables, fried duck and various seafood. However, the flavor is more fishy and stronger. For some people, it is quite delicious, but it can be a rejection for those who are selective about food. A number of fast-food shops are also available, with international flavors that are quite easily accepted by the tongue.

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