In Austria, there is a village whose atmosphere is very similar to the image in a fairyland. UNESCO also included this city in the World Heritage. Summarized, this little village called Hallstatt, is in the Gmunden district in the Salzkammergut Mountains region, Austria. The population is only 800 people but visited by millions of tourists every year.

This village is on the edge of a clear water lake. Dozens of traditional houses lined the banks of the lake set in green mountains. Very similar to like in a fairyland. Getting the nickname as the most beautiful village in the world is worth getting in the Hallstatt Village. The calm atmosphere, beautiful nature and mountain ranges that surround make anyone want to visit here.

Because it is so beautiful, in China there is also a replica of Hallstatt. Not only the house, but they also got to replicate the church and the main thing of this village. So don’t be surprised if Hallstatt Village is very crowded with Chinese tourists. Not only it seems to be charming, but there are also many beautiful destinations that tourists can explore in Hallstatt Village. One of them is The Hallstatter See, a mountain lake that beautifies the village.

Hallstatt Village

Tourists can walk on the edge of the lake directly facing the residential areas. If you want, you can also rent a boat, swim, and fish in the lake. Believe me, the view here will not be forgotten!

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Once satisfied to enjoy the natural landscape, you can also shop at Market Square Hallstatt. This is a shopping center in Hallstatt. Taste the culinary variety in cafes and restaurants scattered here. And one more thing, don’t forget to buy souvenirs.

You also have to visit a variety of old buildings there, one of which is the Evangelical Church on the edge of the lake. Church decorated with bells and towers is so epic side by side with the lake and mountains. Oh yes, travelers need to know that in Hallstatt there is the oldest working quarry in the world that has existed since prehistoric times. And this mine is also opened for tourists. A traveler can enjoy this added charm with the cable car provided to get to the mine site.

If you still want to enjoy even more the beauty of Hallstatt Village, just come to Five Fingers, a palm-shaped place at the height. Exactly on one side of the Dachstein Mountains. That’s a series of activities that a traveler can do in the ‘Fairy Tale’ in Austria. Hallstatt himself entered the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

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