Autumn is one of the seasons most loved by people. Who doesn’t fall in love with Autumn? The leaves are falling on the streets, red-brown-yellow-orange, which makes the city look more beautiful and extraordinary. Everyone will love autumn that has a distinctive aroma. On this occasion, we will provide information about the special autumn food menu in Europe.

4 Healthy Food In Europe During Autumn

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Chestnut Risotto

Healthy Food

When on vacation to the European Region to enjoy the fall, of course, we also have to try their particular food. When autumn comes, of course, the food served in Europe will be different than usual. When travel mates are on the European Region in the fall, imagine travel mates enjoying the autumn breeze and the autumn aroma.

This atmosphere will be perfect when they travel mates enjoy typical Italian food, Risotto, which is a mixture of Italian processed rice that has a very distinctive taste. Maybe some of the travel mates don’t know about Risotto, Risotto itself is rice cooked with broth and cooked until thick.

Usually, when autumn comes, the most common is Chestnut Risotto or Chestnut Risotto, which is very delicious and creamy. This exceptional food will be perfect if enjoyed with wine.

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Creamy Pumpkin and Lentil Soup

Healthy Food In Europe During Autumn

When talking about the fall in the European Continent, it will be identical to the pumpkin or what we know as pumpkin fruit. Lots of pumpkins we find in autumn, and usually, local people process them into various dishes typical of autumn.

The special autumn food menu in Europe next up is Creamy Pumpkin and Lentil Soup, for travel mates who love the taste of pumpkin, they can taste the soup from a very creamy and delicious pumpkin. Usually, the way to enjoy this pumpkin soup is by dipping the bread in it. Feel the unique taste and might not be found in any area other than Europe!

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Apple Pie

Healthy Food

It’s incomplete if you don’t taste the typical fall snacks on this one. In Europe itself every fall, there are various types of foods derived from fruits or vegetables. If there had been a thick soup from the pumpkin that was super delicious and tempting.

The traveler must taste the fresh and sweet Apple Pie ready to make the fall more special! Feel how fresh and delicious the apple pie on top is sprinkled with cinnamon. Tempting tastes and suitable to be a dessert in this unusual fall!

Cavolo Nero Stew

Healthy Food In Europe During Autumn

This fourth food is food that comes from Morocco, which has a variety of colors and beautiful. This food is named Cavolo Nero Stew which makes the autumn travel mates look more cheerful. Cavolo Nero Stew is one of the foods that are very suitable for vegetarian traveler, containing various types of vegetables such as corn and others that have a healthy seasoning.

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