A natural warm pool lurks behind the green of Jalapao National Park, Brazil. The pool is magnificent and always warm.

Each region has its own natural pool with its uniqueness. This time Landdisposition.com wants to introduce Fervedouro do Ceiça in the Tocantins, an exotic, clear water pool. Fervedouro is a turquoise pond with a diameter of 8 meters. Being always warm, Fervedouro is the place of choice to soak in serenity in nature.

Fervedouro Mateiros Brazil

These warm springs were small before. However, due to the continuous pressure, the water formed a pool. Besides being warm, this pool also looks like a beach because it is white. The bottom of the Fervedouro pool is not sand like a beach but limestone. Due to the heat of the water, the limestone collapsed and became sand.

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Hidden Water Spring in the Middle of Banana Garden

Imagine, you can soak all day in a warm pool with views of banana garden. Because of its rare, Fervedouro has a limited capacity for tourist visits. In a day, this pool can only be visited by 6 people. To enjoy it, tourists must book tickets at the Jalapao National Park website in advance. The ticket price is around $5/person.

This beautiful pool is indeed a bit difficult to reach because it is in the middle of a forest. The only means of transportation that can be used are 4×4 cars. Because in the middle of the forest the facilities provided are not many. Only a small wooden bridge is a sign of the pond’s existence. This is why the Fervedouro do Ceiça pool still looks naturally beautiful.

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