About 30 minutes from the city of Hinatuan, in Barangay Cambatong The Hinatuan River has become the most popular tourist attraction in the Philippines. This river is known as the “Enchanted River” which has become part of the miracle of the Hinatuan River, Philippines.

The most transparent and most bottomless natural stream in the Philippines. The appearance of this river is stunning with sparkling blue water crystals. The source of water in this river comes from underground springs with tidal patterns either flowing into the Philippine Sea or the river’s interior.

The high salt content in this river makes clear the appearance of color, depth, and fish in it so that the river is very suitable to be crowned as “Enchanted River”.

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The route to Visit the Hinatuan River in the Philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River

“Enchanted River” is located on the eastern side of Mindanao which faces the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Springs from this river are natural underground springs. The springs meet with ocean currents originating in the Philippine Sea during high tides. 

Results in the flow of water moving to the inside of the spring. As a result, this river contains high levels of salt which makes it very suitable for swimming activities accompanied by fish around the river. Tidal waves that lead to springs also cause color changes that can occur in this river. The wonders of the Hinatuan River, Philippines, are often visited by locals and foreign tourists.

Fact About Hinatuan Enchanted River

Hinatuan Enchanted River

The blue color of the river is caused by the depth which causes water molecules to absorb several red and yellow wavelengths from the sun’s range, so the water is blue. This blue shade will appear as long as there is a tide when the water moves from the Philippine Sea to below ground springtimes. At reduced flow, underground springs will motivate the creation of rivers resulting in the Philippine Sea. Swimmers usually use this circumstance.

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One more thing that is a wonder of the Hinatuan River, the Philippines is the greenish color that shows up, and also this is brought on by eco-friendly algae that prosper in the location around the river. One of the exciting things about the wonders of the Hinatuan River, the Philippines is its unexpected depth and mystery. Many tourists swim in this river which is dominated by blue. Dark blue reflects the deep river water.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

The most magical thing is that at precisely noon, the guard will ring the bell and ask everyone to get out of the water. Then the “singing of the Hinatuan” is played, and suddenly fish appear out of nowhere. The fish gather near the river mouth, and the guards feed them. The guards also forbid visitors to swim at night when related to a myth that believed.

Physically, this river has a length of about 648 meters measured from underground springs to the Philippines Sea. The cave as the entrance to the underground spring is located 35 meters below the surface. More in-depth than 35 meters is a narrow passageway leading to the mouth of the underground cave.  From the narrow alley, there is a large cave room which is at a depth of 52 meters below the surface. The place called the Main Room has a size of about 37 m x 31 m and a height of about 8 m.

Hinatuan Enchanted River

How to Get to the Enchanted River of Hinatuan

The stunning Enchanted River lies in the district of Hinatuan in the district of Surigao del Sur. If you are intending to check out Enchanted River, sadly, there is no airport terminal in Surigao del Sur. However, Enchanted River comes via Cagayan de Oro City, Davao City or Butuan City airport. Geographically, the Bancasi flight terminal in Butuan is the nearby airport to Enchanted River.

Manila City to Butuan City

The fastest path to Enchanted River is via the Butuan Flight terminal. Reserve a trip from Manila to Butuan. The Philippine-based budget airline Cebu Pacific has 3 flights daily from Manila to Butuan. Additionally, you may likewise schedule your Butuan flight through Philippine Airlines. Travel time is approximately 1 hr as well as thirty minutes.

Butuan City to Hinatuan (Surigao del Sur).

As soon as you arrive in Butuan’s Bancasi Airport, you might ride a bus or van to Hinatuan terminal.

By bus, From Bancasi airport, simply find the multi cabs in the area as well as tell the motorist that you are going to the Butuan bus terminal. The price is 10 Php each. In Butuan terminal, ride a bus (Bachelor bus lines) bound to Bislig. Simply inform the driver to drop you off the Hinatuan terminal. Bus fare is approximately 200 Php, as well as travel time, which is 5 to 7 hours.

By van, Walk a couple of meters from the Bancasi airport terminal’s separation location and you will locate vans bound to numerous districts as well as cities. Simply seek the van headed to Bislig or ask the motorist if the van is traveling through Hinatuan Terminal. Fare is 350 Php and travel time is around 4 to 5 hours.

Hinatuan Terminal to Enchanted River

In Hinatuan terminal, drivers will approach you and offer their solution to Enchanted River. A two-way journey from Hinatuan incurable to Enchanted River sets you back 300 Php helpful for 2 persons. Traveling time to Enchanted River from the Hinatuan terminal is roughly half an hour.

Entry Fee in Enchanted River

  • Adult40 Php
  • Children 4 ft below5 Php
  • Senior/ PWD34 Php
  • Sheds/Cottages
  • Kubo (15 PAX) 200 Php
  • Nipa Hut (6 PAX) 150 Php
  • Umbrella (4 PAX) 150 Php

Enchanted River Operating Hours

Note that the river is open to the public every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM just.

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