Stories about ‘ghost villages’ also exist in various parts of the world, one of them in China. Let’s talk about the ‘ghost village’ but in the real sense. Villages that are believed to be haunted or may also be practically not inhabited by humans at all and leaving buildings. For something like that, China has a ‘ghost village’ that is more famous. It’s called Houtouwan Village.

Why was Houtouwan Abandoned?

Houtouwan Village is located east of Shanghai City. People have inhabited Houtouwan village since the 1950s, the majority of whose inhabitants work as farmers and fishers. But in the 1990s, changes took place in the village. Many villagers have moved to Mainland China (Mainland) to find work and better livelihoods. As a result, this spooky village gradually began to empty, until finally wholly uninhabited.

Houtouwan, Ghost Village, Abandoned Village

In 2015, Chinese citizens were shocked by the appearance of Houtouwan Village. There was a photographer there named Qing Jian, who searched about the spooky village and saw a horrifying but beautiful panorama. Almost all corners of the building there are covered by moss and other vines. Houses, even the streets, look green.

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Although covered with moss and vines, the impression of being neglected and not maintained vanished in Houtouwan Village. What appeared was the beauty and shades of green as far as the eye could see. When nature takes back what is left by humans, it returns it to its most natural condition like before humans inhabited it — the opposite of what humans do.

Houtouwan, Ghost Village, Abandoned Village

Although still, the village atmosphere is so quiet it makes goosebumps! Now, Houtouwan Village is starting to be glimpsed again by tourists. Those who come here usually take a walk and take pictures to enjoy the nuances of green that are 180 degrees different from Shanghai.

Starting last year, the local city government set entry tickets for tourists visiting Houtouwan. One person, tourists must pay 50 Yuan. To go here, tourists can take a boat from the port in Hangzhou Bay. It only takes less than 2 hours to get here.

Welcome to the ‘ghost village‘ of China!


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