Work is an important obligation that we must fulfil in order for needs to be met. However, a short vacation from work is also important for mental health.

For the sake of scavenging dollars, sometimes we work over the limit and forget the desire to work off. The limit can be anything. It can be physical limits, it can be mental limits. If it has exceeded physical limits, we can still choose to rest for a while and there are many methods for doing that. But if the mental limit has been reached, the end of the week is used just to lie down will not help.

What makes our mind drained while working can be caused by many things. It can be an unpleasant work environment, it can be a work colleague who is happy, it could also be because we indeed force ourselves to exceed the limits. Sometimes boredom due to low salary causes our mental health disturbed.

Often we ignore the signs our bodies give us when we cross the line. The signs we cross the line are usually our work performance decreases, emotions are out of control and the body starts to feel more in pain than usual. In the end, we even lose ourselves because we work hard.

Japanese know the term karoshi or die from overwork. Japanese people are known to be very active at work and rarely take workdays off, to forget their own limits. Such a work ethic is good, but it doesn’t have to be copied too.

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Saving yourself from the cruelty of regional minimum wage living as a worker can be done in various ways. Some choose to go clubbing, there are those who choose karaoke, there are those who are willing to spend their money to go on holiday abroad. Well, the description of how to escape it just looks really urban, then what are the ways of small-town and suburban workers?


We hear the term staycation/holistay, which means a vacation not far from home. For example, those in big cities can take a vacation by visiting city parks, or recreational parks in their city. So basically the holidays are close, but the main goal is still channelled, which is to relieve fatigue after being inhabited by the facts of life.

But, other ways can also be used to channel fatigue, fishing for example. Even though this fishing activity is a double-edged knife because if the tip does not get the fish, it’s emotional too, but fishing is quite effective to eliminate fatigue. Indeed, fishing is just sitting looking at the water while waiting anxiously, but the sensation is enough to make you happy. Especially if you get a lot of fish.

  • Single workers. If for the workers who are still single, relieving fatigue by hanging out and feeling with the old friends is quite effective. It is undeniable, the world of work takes quite a lot of socializing time. After work we are quite tired, not to mention if work is brought home. Making plans to meet up with college friends or childhood friends and allocate a day for leave is effective enough to relax the mind.
  • Married workers. Workers who are already married can take time off to spend time with family. Can vacation, can be at home, free. Those who already have children can spend more time with children. Those who have not been able to spend quality time with their wives/husbands and talk about many things, watching movie or vacation together.
  • For workers who have grandchildren. Work holidays are usually used to meet their grandchildren able to refresh the mind and increase happiness, if you do not believe please try. Another method to get tired from work is to watch a concert.

There are many ways to get rid of the fatigue caused by work, and there are many other ways. Work can be difficult, but physical and mental health must be maintained. Leaving work temporarily doesn’t matter, don’t be too scared and become a slave.

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