About natural beauty, New Zealand has no doubt. There is even a waterfall with clear blue water, and the flow is very swift.

New Zealand is not merely a matter of Hobbiton, the place of filming The Lord of the Rings. There is also another natural beauty called Huka Falls, a waterfall with beautiful super blue coloured water.

The Landdisposition.com team visited Huka Falls some time ago. Huka Falls is indeed unique. The water flow is very heavy. The water discharge reaches 220 thousand litres per second. Can you imagine how fast the flow of this waterfall?

Ice Blue Waterfall

The very swift flow of water inspired the name of this waterfall. ‘Huka’ in the language of the Maori tribe means ‘foam’, referring to water bubbles formed by the swift flow of the waterfall.

Huka Falls formed from the Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand. This river is a source of water that irrigates Lake Taupo, the largest freshwater lake in the Oceania region.

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Why The Huka Falls waterfall discharge can be so swift?

The Waikato River has a width of up to 100 meters, but when passing through Huka Falls, the width of the river narrows to only 20 meters — on either side, bounded by rock cliffs.

Huka Falls Blue Waterfall

As a result, as we see now, the flow of water in Huka Falls became very heavy. Like the laws of physics, if the surface area reduced, the speed of the water flow will be even more massive.

Where is Huka Falls?

Huka Falls located within the Wairakei Park area. The location is not far from Lake Taupo, only 5 minutes by car. If you choose to walk, it takes about 30 minutes. A traveller can capture the beauty of Huka Falls from the bridge that runs over the swift flow of the Waikato River.

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