For travelers who like to pump adrenaline by riding a roller coaster at a recreational area, it is worth waiting for this one ride. The roller coaster will have a track as high as 29 meters with extreme tilt.

As reported by The Sun, the roller coaster is still in the process of cultivating the alias is not yet finished. The vehicle itself is planned to be opened at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida next year.

One of the things that makes this interesting roller coaster awaited is the existence of a track as high as 29 meters with a slope of up to 100 degrees. This is where passengers can find out what it’s like to be “dropped” from that point.

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It was further stated that this vehicle may be located around the Alaska SeaLife Center. This roller coaster will also make its passengers go forward and back twice each. Around 720 passengers can be transported every hour.

For travelers who are interested, this vehicle has a minimum requirement of 120 cm in height to be able to ride. Entrance tickets to Sea World Orlando are priced starting at £ 68 or around Rp 1.2 million to play all day.

According to The Sun, this roller coaster will be named Ice Breaker aka Ice Breaker. It may be because of the extreme experience promised when riding it, like making the passengers become an ice breaker along with the sled that was boarded.

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