If you come to Igbo Ora, Nigeria, don’t be surprised if you meet many similar people. The city is indeed known as the ‘capital of twins of the world.’

Reported by Landdisposition from various sources, Igbo Ora is known as a city that has a high rate of twin births in the world. They claim themselves as ‘ twins capital of the world,’ the capital of twins in the world. These twins are all the Yoruba, the tribe that dominates Nigeria. From a study in the 1970s, there was a British gynecologist who found 50 pairs of twins born from 1,000 births. This is one of the highest twin birth rates in the world.

Well, in Yoruba culture, they have their terms for twins. Taiwo or Kehinde for first and second born. And don’t be surprised if there are 100 students in the school, there are nine pairs of twins going to school there. If you go around the city, you will meet many twins of various ages. He said, almost all couples in this city have at least a pair of twins.

Investigate a calibration, the miracle of twins is said to be due to eating patterns there. The Yoruba tribe is said to like to drink okra leaf stew, also to taste local dishes from yams that encourage the production of gonadotropins, chemicals that stimulate egg production.

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Another tradition, the scientist says there is no relationship between the content of sweet potatoes with a high rate of twin births. One of the events is that for years after marriage, they gather with twin genes until the twin birth rates continue to occur. However, scientific facts can manage out if the traditions and people’s beliefs about the properties of okra leaves are so strong. The community continues to believe that the decoction of the leaves triggers twin pregnancy.

Recently, on October 12, 2019, Igbo Ora held a Twins Festival. Can you imagine hundreds of twins gathered in a variety of unique clothes and partying together? Crowded and can make tourists confused – due to the faces of the twins that look alike. The purpose of this festival is to introduce Igbo Ora as the leading twin tourist destination in the world. And they are also trying to get recognition and are registered officially in the Guinness Book of Records.

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