Many call the view of New Zealand magical. Indeed. Especially if a traveller sees the sunset at Mount Eden, Auckland.

Exploring New Zealand is incomplete if you haven’t set foot on Mount Eden. This area in the suburbs of Auckland does offer a magical view of Auckland from a height, especially when the moment the sun sets in the western horizon.

The Landdisposition team, together with Traveller visited the Mount Eden area last week. From downtown Auckland, the distance is quite close, less than half an hour by car, a traveller has arrived at this popular tourist destination. Our intention from the beginning was to want to enjoy the sunset from the peak of Mount Eden. From One Tree Hill, we immediately rushed to Mount Eden.

In Auckland, the sun sets around 19.45 local time. At exactly 19:45, the sun began to sink in the bed, leaving a tinge of orange light that looks beautiful. The colour is genuinely enchanting our sense of sight.

We are endlessly grateful to be able to see beautiful scenes like this. Not necessarily tomorrow we can see the same view, in the same place. The Mount Eden region is indeed among the best destinations to enjoy the twilight in New Zealand. The name Mount Eden taken from George Eden, the first Governor in the City of Auckland.

Besides us, that afternoon, many locals also came here to relax and spend time enjoying a piece of sunset that sank in the City of Auckland. The locals usually jog from the bottom of the hill to the summit of Mount Eden. The cold air that blew at that time did not prevent us from enjoying this beautiful sunset until the end.

Mount Eden New Zealand

Best Things To Do in Auckland

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Auckland are highly recommended to be visited. From Karekare Beach to Menara Langit, you can visit tourist attractions in Auckland while travelling alone to Auckland.

The Dream Land of Solo Travelers by Travel and Leisure

Sky Tower

The must thing to do when visiting Auckland is to come to the Sky Tower or often known as the Tower of the Skyscraper. If you visit in the morning, you can see the magnificent Tower of the Skyscraper flanked by several tall buildings. But at night, you can see the Sky Tower lights up with various attractive lamp colours.

Karekare Beach

If you want to enjoy a frugal vacation, you can visit Karekare Beach with your partner or alone. Karekare Beach is a very charming beach and is popular with tourists for sunset hunting. If you want to get the best silhouette, try to come in the afternoon and pose on the beach.

The sand in Karekare Beach is very soft brown. Not only that, the waves at Karekare Beach are not too large, so it is safe for travellers who want to swim.

Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum holds hundreds of neatly arranged books. On several occasions, the Auckland Museum looks majestic like a lit castle filled with colourful lights. It is recommended to visit the Auckland Museum during the daytime so you can have plenty of time to read books and view various collections that are stored.

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Auckland Botanic Gardens is a natural tourist attraction that you must visit while in Auckland. You can visit this beautiful 64-hectare park by doing various fun activities, such as gardening, cultural adventure to meet wild animals and beautiful plants that are cultivated. The entrance fee to the Auckland Botanic Gardens is around NZ $ 12.

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