India Have Bizarre Natural Phenomenon: Desert But Cold

India is endless. In the Himalayas, there is a unique natural phenomenon. It’s called Spiti Valley, a cold desert valley. India has a unique valley that is rarely known by tourists. With exotic views, this valley is a hidden treasure, as spotted by from various sources.

The name of this valley is Spiti Valley, with a desert landscape. As the name suggests, Spiti means middle land or land in the middle. This is because this village is on the border of Tibet and India, precisely Himachal Pradesh. Locals named this place Little Tibet. This small village is surrounded by desert mountains and geysers. What makes the difference is the houses built on the top of the mountains.

Desert Spiti Valley Himalaya,

Viewed from a height, this village looks arid even though it’s cold. Of course, cold air comes from geysers around the valley. This valley can only be visited when the summer arrives. Because if winter comes, then access will be very limited and covered by snow.

The height of this village is quite astounding, which is 12,500 feet above sea level. Often this village is passed as a tourist spot. Even though the different nature makes it a must to visit Spiti Valley. Apart from its nature, Spiti Valley is also an important place for Buddhist history. Here there are Tabo monasteries and Buddhist stupas. Tourists can see various flags hanging colourful.

In addition, tourists can also take a walk to the villages around Spiti Valley. There is also Kunzum Pass, the gateway to Spiti Valley which leads to the second-longest glacier in the world, Bara Sigri. Unbeatable scenery prepared for tourists. Desert but cold, this is Spiti Valley…

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