Many interesting facts about this holy mosque. This is the largest mosque in the world that is very important for Muslims.

Compiled by, Haram Mosque has an area of more than 356 thousand square meters. With this area, this mosque can accommodate more than 900 thousand worshipers. No wonder if the Grand Mosque has a title as the largest mosque in the world.

Every day, the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia is always full of Muslims who want to pray prayers. In the pilgrimage season, the number increases. It is estimated that the number will exceed millions of people. The Grand Mosque turned into a sea of ​​people.

The strong magnet of the Grand Mosque is the Kaaba which is the centre of the Muslim world. Cuboid with a length of 13 meters, 11 meters wide and 12 meters high, the Ka’ba was built of stone and covered with black cloth.

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Historically, the Ka’ba was built by Prophet Ibrahim and assisted by his son, Prophet Ismail. Until the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the teachings of Islam were perfected and the pilgrimage became part of the Five Pillars of Islam.

The desire of every Muslim in the world is to be able to pray directly in front of the Ka’ba. Of course, everyone must be ready to scramble and be patient to be able to fight to the front row. Not to mention the height of the Ka’ba when pilgrims were tawaf, or worship around the Kaaba 7 times. It takes its own struggle to be able to feel this experience.

The roar of pilgrims will be heard loudly in various directions. The recitation of prayer beads, Taḥmīd, and Takbīr is endlessly spoken, and the Talbiyah reading also echoes. Certainly, the heart of faith will creep. When tawaf goes hand in hand with thousands of other Muslims from all over the world, it feels even more awesome. Not feel the teardrops from the eyelids. The feeling of emotion was washed away with thousands of people moving in rhythm. They circled the Ka’ba while praying, and glorified the name of Allah.

Quite often we can see hundreds of people scrambling to touch the Black Stone. It feels there is happiness when it successfully touches this stone.

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