Dry, barren, and extreme nature, so the word is often described for the Skeleton Coast. Land created when God is angry, thus his nickname. Do not expect to meet an Instagram destination or a relaxing vacation in this article. There is no green fever which usually becomes an escape for the eyes. This time there was an extraordinary extreme tour of African soil.

Through many sources, Landdisposition.com tries to provide information fitting for this one destination, Skeleton Coast. Not just any, there is the full meaning of giving the name. Let’s start from where the Skeleton Coast is. Skeleton Coast is between northern Namibia and southern Angola, South Africa. The original inhabitants were called Saan or Bushmen.

The name Skeleton Coast doesn’t just appear. Giving this name was introduced by John Henry Marsh into his book which tells the Dunedin Star shipwreck. The book, published in 1944, finally became the beginning of the name Skeleton Coast. Differences with Portuguese sailors. The bloody sea past with whaling has led Portuguese sailors to come to Namibia.

Just as described by Marsh, this coast has extraordinary power to sink a ship before it reaches its shores. Hurriedly leaving Namibia, Portuguese sailors called this beach The Gates of Hell. Long before other nations came, the Bushmen had already tasted the ferocity of the Skeleton Coast. No one can stand to live in this land. Drought and intense heat depict the wrath of God in the world.

Skeleton Coast

Warning to anyone who sets foot on this land. Bushmen gave him the name The Land God Made in Anger or Land that God made when he was angry. As bad as the nickname that is described can not release curiosity about the Skeleton Coast. Through many travel stories, discovered the sparkle of the Skeleton Coast. Once again, not a beautiful beach or an artificial safari. Skeleton Coast provides an ultimate experience and guts test for tourists who come.

Imagine an extensive coastline that was hit by a large wave roll. Covering an area of ​​16,000 km, tourists must be satisfied with the desert that has hung from the shoreline. There are no rows of coconut trees. What is seen is the wreckage of the whale skeleton. Once there were data collection, Skeleton Coast stores about 500 carcasses on its coast. Local people believe that these frameworks belong to humans. This view might make Marsh call this coast the Skeleton Coast.

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The view of blue seawater cannot be enjoyed easily. Often thick fog covers the ocean. Waves and currents make anyone reluctant to play wet. There are also activities that can be seen are leopards, hyenas or other predators who try to fill the stomach with the wealth of the sea. Humans are very rarely seen in this place. This is because it is very difficult for permits issued by the government to tourists every year. If you can enter, Namibia’s natural wealth is ready to welcome you!

Nature and Wildlife Tourism

Very arid not make Skeleton Coast deserted of fauna. Call it, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, caracal cats, giraffes, gemsbok, antelope to flamingo also live here. The sea was filled with seals to sharks. We start from the sea. The high waves of Skeleton Coast make surfing activity of tourists. Even surfers cannot be careless. You want to want to enjoy the beach is advised not to hurt seals or dolphins. Because when carried by big waves, this mammal is a reference to return to shore.

Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast realm can only be explored from the north entrance between Mowe Bay and the Kunene River. This area can be reached by tent safaris and entry permits to the restricted zone. This exploration is not exactly normal. Because to arrive at the Kunene River, tourists must pass through special operators such as Africa Travel Resource (ATR) and Wildspace Adventure. Only these two operators have special licenses from national parks and tribal leaders. This permit is very important because tourists will pass through one of the remote areas in Africa.

In addition to special tour operators, tourists can also enjoy this extreme nature with a luxurious private safari camper at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp. This camp offers access to the best beaches and safaris with 4×4 along the Hoanib River.

What Else Can Be Seen?

The extreme Skeleton soil made most of the terrestrial fauna evolve. Like an elephant that is smaller but has longer and wider legs. This evolution makes it easy for elephants to walk on desert sand. Most terrestrial animals can not drink for weeks. They will consume water-rich foods such as will and tubers. This coast also has a lagoon filled by flamingos. While waiting for the migration season, around 50,000 flamingos will grow healthy in the lagoon area to the estuary.

Talking about the desert makes Skeleton Coast unique. Being part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Skeleton Coast is often a general description of sandy Namibia. Indeed, the sandbar does not make anyone stand to live here. When night falls, the stinging cold makes the body shiver. In the middle of this uninhabited desert, there is a natural phenomenon of fairy circles or fairy rings. This is a circular phenomenon surrounded by plants. When viewed from a height like footprints.

There are several theories related to this phenomenon. The local Himba community believes that the formation of the circle was due to the spirits and traces of Lord Mukuru. Some say that it is a trail of UFOs or fairies dancing at night.

The experts themselves are still confused by the phenomenon of the environment which has a diameter of 1.5-6 meters. What might happen is self-sufficiency in vegetation. Root competition between grasses causes the centre of the circle to become barren. From the reviews, are you all interested in going to Skeleton Coast?

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