Isolated in the World, Queen Cleopatra’s Bathing Place

Queen Cleopatra is still an icon of beauty today. Rarely do you know, Cleopatra has a bath in an exotic remote place?

The beautiful prestige of Queen Cleopatra is timeless. Even though it has passed, the story is still told today.

But rarely do you know, that Cleopatra has a remote bath in a remote desert. Collected from various sources, we want to invite a traveler to one of the isolated places on earth.

To get to this bath, a traveler must first enter a city called Shali Siwa. This city is on the Egypt-Libya border. But it still entered the Egyptian government.

Shali in Chinese, the native language of the population of Shiva, means city. The farness of the city is also an advantage for the indigenous culture that is maintained.

The city of Shiva is remote in the middle of the Sahara Desert, the largest in the world. Just imagine that you might have been sweltering. But don’t stop until this sentence.

Why is this city called remote?

Because Shali Siwa is in the region of Matrouh province, west of Cairo. Distance from the nearest city, Marsa Matrouh, approximately 305 km. While the distance from Cairo is approximately 800 km. Approximately 9-10 hours of travel time.

To be isolated, the city has a building that is not much different from the suburbs of Cairo. Starting from the village nuance house until the hotel is here.

Again, even if in the middle of the desert, Shali Siwa has advantages. Although not crossed by the Nile, the city is very fertile and is 12 centuries old. What is unique, Shali Siwa was built from mud at the beginning of civilization.

But that is not what makes this city the choice of Cleopatra. Shali Siwa has hundreds of oases filled with minerals.

Oase National Park named Wahat Siwa or Siwa Oasis. It is 80 km long and 20 km wide.

This is where Queen Cleopatra enjoys time to take a bath and take care of herself. The mineral wealth contained in this oasis makes Cleopatra fall in love.

It feels like this alone has made you imagine Shali Siwa‘s exoticism. But still wants to impress you with this remote city.

Another miracle Shali Siwa is also from its salt lake. This lake is in the middle of a desert but salty.

When summer arrives, the lake will harden and change color to white. But in winter, the salt lake will melt and the water will be clear blue.

Shiva people are fairly friendly. The language used is amiyah Arabic with a Libyan accent.

But don’t expect to see many women in this city. Women’s activities are very restricted after marriage. They must wear a burga and stay home all day.

So, the city of Shiva remains mysterious because of its presence in the middle of the desert.

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