Iya Valley Japan Has a Traditional Bridge of Grape Plants

Japan is very guarding of the rich culture and heritage of its ancestors. Behind a valley, there is a unique Japanese bridge, made from grapes. Iya Valley is a beautiful valley that was opened as a tourist spot in Tokushima Prefecture, Miyoshi. This valley has beautiful scenery and green that can refresh the mind.

Peek Landdisposition from various sources, Monday (08/08/2019) Iya Valley also still has a hundred years of ancestral heritage. This is Iya No Kazurabashi Bridge. Iya No Kazurabashi is a traditional Japanese bridge that is 900 years old. Beneath the bridge, flow a beautiful river with colored shades.

The Noya Kazurabashi Bridge became popular because of the material that made it. This bridge is made of wood which is tied with the stem of a grape plant. The vines of the vine become a binder from the bridge. Width between steps is 10 inches.

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Not only the stampede, but the vines of the vine are also made into a bridge handle. Vine stems tied together and stretched to the end of the bridge. According to people’s stories, this bridge was built by the Heike clan. At that time they lost the war and fled to Iya Valley.

Iya Valley Bridge

This tendril bridge was built with the intention of being an enemy trap. When the enemy passes, the Heike clan will cut the bridge and incapacitate them. Bridges as high as 14 meters still survive today. Tourists can try to feel the sensation of this traditional bridge twice a day, at sunset and sunrise. This bridge is only opened for one direction only.

Every 3 years, this bridge will be renovated again to ensure its feasibility. Because now, there are only 13 traditional bridges like this. Opened as one of the attractions, there are 3 types of traditional-style bridges in this valley. Iya No Kazurabashi is the most popular bridge in Iya Valley.

Popular tourist spots are valleys, such as the Iya, Oboke and Koboke valleys, and other valleys, with cliff walls widening due to the flow of the Iya River. You can watch the valley up close by following the Oboke valley boat tour. You can also enjoy other outdoor activities, such as feeling the thrill of walking on the Kazura bridge in the Iya Valley, and the Oku Iya Niju-Kazura Bridge (double creepers). There is also a campsite so you can experience a completely natural experience at Iya Valley.

How to get?

Exploring this area is easier to do by car. If you choose a train, use the Dosan Line. Because Iya near the center of the island of Shikoku will more easily fall in Station Takamatsu in Kagawa Station Kochi prefecture Kochi, rather than Station Tokushima which is by the sea, on the other side of this prefecture. You can reach Oboke Station from Kochi Station in about 40 minutes using the Dosan Line. From Haneda Airport in Tokyo, it takes about 1.5 hours to reach Kochi Ryoma Airport.

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