A studio that produces famous pornographic films in Japan has opened a special entertainment service for domestic and foreign tourists—consisting of five floors containing adult entertainment.

Soft On Demand (SOD), a well-known JAV filmmaking studio in Japan, has just opened its adult entertainment, SOD Land. The location is in Kabukicho, none other than the Red Light District of Tokyo, Japan.

An Mashiro and Hono Wakamiya

Compiled by Landdisposition.com from several sources, SOD Land is a five-story building. Each floor offers more than 18 entertainment special attractions that visitors can enjoy.

Each floor has a different theme. Starting from the basement floor, this floor is referred to as the ‘Newcomer Adult Film Actress,’ aka a special base for newcomer actresses in Japan’s film ‘enchantment.’

Beautiful Japanese hot av idols will greet a traveler, and then you can ask to be served by them, did in the sense that accompanied by drinking at the bar or accompanied by meals.

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On the 1st floor. Here the base is quite ‘safe’ because it only contains a souvenir shop and a photo booth. By the way, the main entrance is located on this floor.

Then go up to the 2nd floor, there is a Kakubutsu Salon. For this one, the entertainment is a bit ‘restless’. On this 2nd floor, there is an erotic massage by JAV idol from SOD.

Go up again to the 3rd floor, here the SOD star already has ‘quite famous.’ Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a famous Japanese adult pornstar on this floor. On this floor, a traveler can interact with them. Only limited to greetings and small talk, like a fan meeting.

adult theme park tokyo

Stepping to the 4th floor, there is a ‘Silent Bar.’ As the name implies, a traveler will be served drinks by JAV stars wearing bikinis, but on the condition that the traveler must be quiet and not be allowed to make a sound.

Because it remains open during the Coronavirus pandemic, this adult theme park also implements strict health protocols. Before entering, a traveler will have a temperature measured and required to wear a face mask in the room.

hot av idols

For the ticket price, SOD Land charges 500 Yen or the equivalent of US $ 5 per 30 minutes visit. This price does not include food and beverages that are sold separately in the SOD Land area.

For the Kabukicho area itself, SOD Land is the first adult theme park to be established. Previously, only bars offered services accompanied by porn stars, but for one building for adult entertainment, only SOD Land had it.

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