Saudi Arabia has a variety of beautiful tourist destinations. One of them is Jebel Fihrayn called the end of the world! Called the end of the world, Jebel Fihrayn is a rocky desert with amazing geological wonders. Why the end of the world? Here you can find beautiful scenes that are unbroken from the horizon.

Where’s the Location of Jebel Fihrayn Edge

Jebel Fihrayn, located in the part of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, belongs to the high incline of Mount Tuwaiq. When basing on a cliff, you can see the dry rivers winding and see the camels.

Jebel Fihrayn Edge

How to Get Jebel Fihrayn Edge

The location is 90 km from Riyadh and takes 1.5 hours. To get here, a traveler must use a 4 WD car because the road is very steep. Although some people choose to use ordinary cars, the risk is considerable. If you want to come here, you will not regret a traveler. Tourists visit this popular dessert because it has a spectacular view and will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable experience in Riyadh.

This cliff has a plateau with many beautiful views. What makes this place unique is, the steep slope has a long edge that will give you unlimited views. Only the plain can as far as the traveler’s eye can see. It must be enjoyable if you can walk on the edge of this cliff, you can while driving adrenaline because the road is quite steep and there is no fence or barrier while seeing infinite beauty. Always remember safety.

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The Best Time to Visit Jebel Fihrayn Edge

Well, the recommended season for coming here is winter and fall when the sky is clear, and the temperature is warm or cold. This cliff can be very hot in the dry season, and there is no shelter there. And what travelers need to know if you want to be comfortable and not crowded, you can come on weekdays.

If you get here, you will find beautiful scenery. If you want something more unusual, you have to walk to the right from the direction of the car park hundreds of kilometers away. The time needed is around 15 minutes. There are steep slopes and narrow streets leading to a rock, a place where a traveler will feel at the edge of the world. Amazing view ready to welcome traveler. For several years, this cliff has become popular among foreign tourists. Especially on weekends in winter.

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