Killar to Kishtwar, the Most Horrible Road Route in the World is in India – Travel directory.

Located at a height, rocky and without borders, this is Killar to Kishtwar Road. Without a guarantee of security, this road will be the most terrible in the world. The Himalayas have a length of about 2,400 km, passing through Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and Bhutan. In a remote district between Jammu and Kashmir, there is a valley called Pangi.

Written by Landdisposition, Pangi Valley is a hidden area on the Saach Pass route. Nevertheless, this valley has settlements inhabited by Chamba people. Before discussing how awful this road is, would like to comment a bit on the existence of this area. If it’s scary and isolated, why would anyone want to live there?

Before the 16th century, the Chamba people fled from the Mughal invaders. Looking for a hiding place that is hard to find, Pangi Valley is the right choice. So safe, the noble family will send their women and children to this valley. They believe in this valley, their children and grandchildren will live peacefully without invasion by the invaders.

Killar to Kishtwar the Most Horrible Road Route in the World is in India

Beginning in the 16th century, the Kingdom of Chamba changed the stereotype of the Pangi valley. The kingdom will send despotic officials to this valley with the hope of never returning. Roughly speaking, this valley is a place of exile or life imprisonment. Officials sent will be given pocket money so they do not have to return to the city.

Indeed made hidden, the Pangi valley also has a terrible road. Killar to Kishtwar Road is located at an altitude of 4,400 meters above sea level with a stretch of 127 km. For just 30 km, it takes around four hours. This road divides the mountainside with steep ravines. Killar to Kishtwar Road can only be passed by one car at a time.

If there are two opposing cars, one of the vehicles must back down slowly for miles. Just to get ahead, the car will be very difficult because the rocks and road twists are really dangerous. Especially if backward. Usually, this road can be tested in July to mid-October. When it’s past that month, Killar to Kishtwar Road is almost covered with snow.

A traveler who wants to try this terrible road needs a little preparation. Although dangerous, the scenery provided by this road is truly unforgettable!

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