A city in Namibia is a place to find instant wealth in ancient times. In the desert sand heap, there are diamonds!

Namibia is known as a deadly desert country. Compiled by Landdisposition.com from various sources, one of the desert cities is named Kolmanskop and is about 15 minutes from the coastal town of Luderitz.

Now Kolmanskop is a ghost town in the middle of the desert. Though tracing its history, this city was once a target for anyone who wants to get rich instantly.

History of Kolmanskop

Began in 1908, a Namibian railroad worker named Zacharias Lewala was shoveling railroad tracks from the sand. While cleaning the rails, Lewala saw something glowing from behind the sand.

Lewala then took the object and brought it home. Without any hesitation, Lewala showed his findings to his German employer. At that time, Germany was still colonizing this part of the city. The employer knew that the object Lewala discovered was a diamond. Since then, the employer immediately ordered a group of miners to Kolmanskop.

Kolmanskop Namibia

Almost every corner of Kolmanskop found diamonds. In 1912, Kolmanskop officially became a large diamond mining city. Each year, Kolmanskop manages to produce one million carats or about 11.7 percent of the total world diamond production.

The destitute desert city was transformed into a luxury area. Imagine, a European tour group had ever performed at Kolmanskop to entertain its residents who were wallowing in diamonds. Kolmonskop was the first city in the world to implement a bag inspection at the station using X-rays. Imagine how advanced the city was.

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Although rich in diamonds, the real people of Herero, a native of Namibia, suffer. Their city became a restricted area to the public.

The Herero was forced to work as diamond miners. Their home was also confiscated, Herero lived in cramped barracks for months. The Herero do not stay silent, and they are up to something. After four years of struggle, the Herero people began to rebel against the German invaders.

 Ghost City, Kolmanskop Namibia

Germany also responded to this revolt with genocide or massacre. There are more than 60,000 Herero people who died from the killings. The fate of this diamond city did not last long. After being completely drained, Kolmanskop was closed in 1928. The remaining residents ran out of the town.

In 1956, the City of Kolmanskop had changed. The city that was once sparkling is now quiet. The houses fulfilled by sand. Enlightenment came to Kolmanskop in 2002. A private company called Ghost Town Tours won the trust to process the city as a tourist attraction.

Now around 35,000 tourists come every year to see the ghost town of Kolmanskop. The presence of tourists also boosts the economy of the residents of the neighboring City of Luderitz. This city is often a Hollywood shooting location.

Because it is in the desert, conservationists say that the buildings in this ghost town are in decline. Starting to collapse and filled with desert sand, they are afraid that the ghost town will disappear in the future.

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