Colored red like a sea of ​​blood, this is Laguna Colorada in Bolivia. Although it attracts the eye, this lake is quite dangerous because of its mineral content.

The name Laguna Colorada is one of the interesting destinations on the border of Bolivia and Chilli. Right in the Andes National Nature Reserve Eduardo Avaroa, Potosi Department, this lake is the target of photographers.

As quoted by AFP from various sources, Thursday (08/01/2019) Laguna Colorada becomes interesting because it looks different. You see, Laguna Colorada is a lake located at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level.

At an altitude, Laguna Colorada is not an ordinary lake. Laguna Colorada is a lake that contains salt minerals with quite high. Because of the high salt content, Laguna also produces borax in the waters.

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Because it contains salt minerals too, Laguna Colorada has several abundant algae varieties. Because of the abundance of excessive algae, aka blooming, this salt lake has a red face like a pool of blood. Because of the high variety of algae too, this salt lake contains a lot of plankton. This makes Laguna Colorada a habitat for flamingo birds.

laguna colorada

The area of ​​Laguna Colorada reaches 60 square km. But the water level is quite shallow. This ‘pool of blood’ is becoming more exotic with views of the Andes Mountains. When the development of algae decreases, this salt lake turns pink.

This is very compatible with the presence of flamingos which are also the same color. Many tourists come to hunt exoticism from this bloody lake. Its location at an altitude affects the lake water temperature. Often at dawn, the lake will freeze. While the best time to visit is summer.

Around the lake are only rocks and salts. So in the middle of the lake is red, but the edges are white because of salt. It’s a rare and beautiful sight. But do not be lulled by her beauty huh, traveler. Due to algae and borax blooming, this lake is not recommended to be enjoyed by swimming or bathing. If exposed to the skin, you can itch. Worse, if the water is swallowed, the borax content can make you sick.

From the Potosi Department, a traveler must cover a distance of about 8 hours to reach this rare lake. Being a rival of Salar de Uyuni, Laguna Colorada is a pity to miss if you are on a trip to Bolivia.


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