Lake Natron is a salt lake situated in northern Tanzania, near the Kenyan border, as well as to the north of the Ngorongoro crater, in the eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley of South Africa.

Found between hills, volcanoes, and also craters, Lake Natron goes to the lowest factor of the valley gap, which is 600 m above water level and is probably one of the most all-natural bodies of water on the planet. The lake supplied by water from the Ewaso Ng’iro South River and also is additionally a mineral-rich warm spring.

Nonetheless, for other animals, the waters in northern Tanzania resemble hell. Shallow alkaline lake – with a deepness of fewer than 3 meters it is a tomb for hundreds of birds and also little animals. The surrounding country is warm and also very dry messy, not also helpful for traveling. But even for those of you that select to go to Natron, you can delight in several of the most dramatic sights in Tanzania.

lake natron tanzania

Why is Lake Natron so Deadly?

Summarized by from the various source, this lake has a particular crimson color that shows a high level of dissipation.

The heat (up to 41 ° C) and the high salt material of this lake, therefore, differed that it is not suitable for wild animal’s habitat. However, this is the extreme environment for flamingos as well as is house to native algae, invertebrates, and also fringe rounds of fish that can endure in saltwater.

The name Natron Lake is drawn from NatronNatron (the mineral sodium carbonate decahydrate) which was utilized by ancient Egyptians to dehydrated organs throughout the mummification processor to make a mummy. The mineral web content in the water likewise has a function as a chemical of bad animal carcasses that splashdown and die. The animals looked like they dropped in a concrete mixture. In this lake, all animals submerged in lake water will turn to stone.

This happens as a result of lake temperatures that can rise to 60 degrees any time, along with high alkalinity due to the accumulation of volcanic ash from the Great Rift valley.

Can We Swim in Lake Natron?

Lake Natron is definitely not a tank you want you to dive into as well as swim about with your eyes open– the water’s alkalinity of about 10.5 pH actually sheds the eyes as well as skin of creatures that are not made use of to it– yet it’s not precisely a place of foreshadowing doom either.

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The lake has a very high sodium carbonate material, which is transferred in the lake as drainage from the close-by Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano. Extremely, sodium carbonate is an exceptional preservative and went to one-time made use of in Egyptian mummification processes.

lake natron tanzania

Why is Lake Natron red?

The reddish color that often shows up in this lake is a crust developed as a result of the high level of existing alkaline salt. When water vaporizes during the dry season, salinity levels increase until bacteria, including salts, start to develop. Alkaline salt crust externally of the lake is also commonly red or pink by microorganisms that such as the salt that lives there.

What Animals Can Reside In Lake Natron?

Lake Natron East Africa has a cruel trick. On the one hand, it is a breeding ground for the 2.5 million Lesser Flamingoes (Hoenicopterus small) which are threatened. The long-legged bird can comfortably eat spirulina algae. Salt marshes and freshwater marshes around the edges of the lake do support a variety of plants too.

The Very Best Period To See Lake Natron

The most active months to check out Lake Natron are the coolest ones– from June to August. The dry period is excellent for strolling and traveling around the lake. Throughout the arid period, the water in the lake vaporizes, and also the concentration of salts and bacteria gets higher, developing amazing colors. The damp period brings lots of rain and thunderstorms, which harm the majority of the tracks and also roads around this location.

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