The name Cristiano Ronaldo enshrined as an airport in his hometown. But be careful when landing at this airport, strong winds can blow aircraft.

After delivering Portugal to the European Cup championship in 2016, Madeira Airport in the City of Funchal changed its name to Cristiano Ronaldo Airport to appreciate its services. Behind the name change, there is one fact that may not be known to the traveler. Cristiano Ronaldo Airport is one of the airports where the difficulty is serious enough for pilots.

Yes, in a viral video circulating on social media Twitter, it appears that an Airbus A320 aircraft has difficulty landing on the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport runway.

Viewed, the video that was shared by the @peroaviation account showed the plane had shaken to the right and left in the wind that blew very hard. Luckily the pilot managed to control the Airbus plane until it landed safely. But just by watching the video, we can imagine how terrible it would be to be a passenger on an airplane in that situation.

Madeira Island, The Birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Airport is often called the most dangerous airport in the world. The location of the runway is only on the beach and stands on a concrete pillar as high as 50 meters. Mountains also surround the airport, so the wind blows hard enough. Pilots who will land the plane at the airport must be smart to read the direction of the wind and maintain balance.

The wind that blows at the airport is strong enough to shake the plane so that it can make the plane wobble left and right.

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