In the Republic of Ireland, there is an ancient castle with a history covered in blood. The news of the appearance of some ghosts there made him famous as the world’s most haunted castle. Leap Castle, so the name of the castle which is about 6 km from the City of Roscrea, Republic of Ireland. Leap Castle, which created between the 12th and 15th centuries, is said to have been inhabited by many ghosts today.

History of Leap Castle

Reported by Landdisposition, many massacres occurred after the O’Carroll clan captured the castle. Leap Castle built by the O’Bannon clan, which become O’Carroll. In 1532, Mulrooney O’Carroll, who was a clan leader, died. His two sons, Thaddeus and Tighe, were involved in power struggles in this castle. One night Thaddeus, who was a priest, was conducting mass. But suddenly, Tighe appeared and stabbed Thaddeus in the chest because he felt Thaddeus insulted him by starting a celebration before he came. Thaddeus died instantly on the altar covered in blood.

Leap Castle

This killing event is known as “The Bloody Chapel” or Bloody Chapel. Legend has it. Thaddeus is still a castle marked by the figure of a priest who is often seen in the chapel and on the lower steps. O’Carroll’s sadistic story does not stop there. One day, the O’Carroll clan invited the McMahon family to a celebration party. But the party ended sadistically because the McMahon family was poisoned to death by the host. Legend has it that since that incident, McMahon has haunted the castle.

According to Authentic Ireland, another ghost who was said to inhabit Leap Castle was a woman in a red dress who was holding a sharp knife. Said, this woman’s spirit was jailed and raped repeatedly. The baby killed because of the bloodthirsty O’Carroll clan. This woman then killed herself by stabbing a knife into his body.

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It didn’t stop there, according to the Irish cultural and tourism website, Ireland Before You Die, the ghosts of two little girls also seen in this castle. One girl named Emily fell from the castle when she was 11 years old in the 1600s. Meanwhile, the other girl is Emily’s sister, Charlotte. Charlotte often shows up by dragging her deformed legs.

Leap Castle

The caregiver figures of two children also seen beside them while the reflection of the old man is seen sitting in a chair in the main hall. Of all the stories about Leap Castle, not all of them are legends. One of the horrific facts was discovered in the 1920s, in which a basement called Oubliette, was located behind a chapel wall.

This basement is considered a prison. Many human skeletons can be found there. These victims were thought to have been tortured because their nails pricked – the rooms designed with nail traps that were not realized by the guests who entered the room. Now Leap Castle is privately owned by Ryan’s family. Tourists are also allowed to visit it, interested in proving yourself this haunted castle?

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