Surrounded by karst hills, fog, and natural sounds, the river here is the most iconic in China. Everything seems to be in a fairy tale country, so romantic. Li River or Li Jiang is in Guilin City, Guangxi, China. Beautiful like a fairy tale made many Chinese poets in the light that made Li River a source of inspiration.

Collected by from various sources, the Li River has a length of 437 km. The Li River flows from the Mao’er Mountains in Xing’an to the south through Gulin, Yangshuo, and Pingle.

Let’s start discussing the beauty that Li Jiang has. We can certainly often see a picture of a river view surrounded by karst hills, slightly covered in mist, trees on its side, and silhouette of the pagoda from a distance. This illustration often found in animated films or Chinese artwork. The scene was just a manifestation of Li Jiang.

Li River, The Most Romantic River in the World

You will fall in love even if you only see pictures of Li River and the reason Li Jiang became the most iconic river in China. The Li River in Guilin itself has a length of 83 km. As a large river, Li Jiang is the source of several canals that lead to settlements. One canal is Linggu River. This canal is one of the oldest in China because it has built since 214 BC.

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The government knows very well the charm of this river. Li River is a tourist attraction that can be explored by traditional bamboo boats or cruise ships. While traveling around the river, the history of the river is a fitting companion. Li Jiang’s discovery became a treasure trove of nature that China is so proud of.

History of Li River

Once upon a time, this river was discovered by primitive Chinese people about 8,000 years ago. Sliced ​​by erosion and weather, Li Jiang became more and more charming from time to time. One time when the kingdom ruled China. At that time, the ruling dynasty was Qin and led by King Qin Shi Huang. King Qin heard about the beauty of this river. Then a canal was built called Sungai Linggu. From this, Guilin performed.

The dynasty changed. Guilin is increasingly shining because natural resources support it. During the Song and Tang dynasties, the canals became one of the transportation in delivering food to various regions in China. That’s why Li Jiang has become an essential part of Chinese history and culture.

Things To Do Li River

We can enjoy places in Lijiang. Call it the Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park, Linggu Canal, and 20 Yuan Notes. The most iconic is 20 Yuan Notes. Because this scene used as a picture in Chinese banknotes worth 20 Yuan, he said, so beautiful Li Jiang, you will be made to take photos or enjoy the first view.

Best Time To Visit Li River

The best time to enjoy the Li River is from April to October. If you come at the end of May to April, Li Jiang will be more romantic because there is more fog. A poet living in the Tang dynasty immortalized Li Jiang into words. The poem remembered until now.

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