Living in a City Full of Visitors, What Is It Like?

Tourism is not just a play, it has become big business. However, what is the perspective of its citizens who are visited by many tourists?

A number of countries have become international destinations to visit with various destinations. Reported by AFP from the BBC on Friday (6/14/2019) they interviewed a number of foreigners who live in areas full of tourists.

At least, there are 5 cities taken as examples. Namely London, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, and France. Of course, London is a destination with a number of attractions ranging from historic buildings to global football.

Likewise with Singapore, as the ‘entrance’ of the Southeast Asian region from other continents and vice versa. Dubai too, with a nuance of man-made glamor but managed to attract the attention of international tourists. Paris, in France there is no doubt that world-class tourism is an iconic tower, Eiffel.

Paris, France

The capital of France, Paris has become a world destination with a number of visits reaching 15.6 million tourists in 2014. Its historical tourist attractions are able to enchant foreign tourists to come and visit in the city full of love.

Despite experiencing this year’s unfortunate event because the iconic Church of Notre Dame was on fire, in fact, there were still Parisian tourists. Local residents are looking for ways or tricks to visit at moments that tend to be quiet.

Christina Tubb, a US citizen who moved to France since 2009 told the BBC that she did not even want to go to Champs Élysées, a region that has a number of popular tourist attractions. However, he said he had a special trick by having a seasonal entry card and using a secret entrance in the Louvre Museum. France also divides the region into 20 arrondissements. Generally, crowded places are in numbers 10, 3 and 9. Where places tend to be quiet in the regions 15, 16 and 15 which are famous for the middle to upper regions and a number of elite schools.


This is a favorite tourist destination for Indonesian tourists. The location is not far away but is easily accessible with various accesses. Singapore is also the entrance to various Southeast Asian regions.

Jayant Bhandari, a person from India who has lived in Singapore for a long time, told the BBC that the nature of Singaporeans also reflects the proper city layout. Namely attached to the metropolitan, such as shopping or hanging out in a cafe. “I chose not to go shopping in the Orchard Road district too often, not because there were too many tourists, but because it was too crowded there,” he said.

Actually, this is arguably reasonable. Singapore is a small country, which has a solid life. So that, attractions and tourist destinations are not found even though tourism players continue to innovate from time to time. So, local residents also go to the same destination as international tourists.


Together with cities that continue to evolve like Singapore, Dubai is an icon of the United Arab Emirates for metropolitan and urban tourism. When people are busy visiting super luxury destinations, people who have settled in old Dubai also choose to come to a number of places at certain times.

“We have routines on weekends to ensure that we leave the mall in the afternoon, this is to avoid tourists and other residents as well,” said Emily Christensen, a British recruitment director who has lived in the world for 16 years.

Generally, favorite destinations such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are visited by tourists during the afternoons. Those who have lived in Dubai for a long time, choose a time that is not commonly visited by tourists or far from tourist centers. For example, to Dubai Marina, which is mostly inhabited by single and full of hotels, bars and restaurants to unwind.

London, England

Not far from Europe, London in the UK is also an attraction for world tourists. It was recorded that in 2014 there were 18.7 million tourists visiting the British capital.

However, it turned out that local residents had begun to ‘make peace’ with international tourists. “You will get used to so many people around you, that makes this city so noisy!” said Sophie Loveday, a native of England to the BBC.

Sophie said the same thing, that she avoided a number of crowded tourist areas such as the West End at Leicester Square. However, he still wants to penetrate the crowds of Covent Garden, a shopping area in the West End, because his shops are unique with a modern touch. However, he said, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, visit the suburbs of Richmond, with a boat ride on the Thames river and dine at a number of shops or bars.

Bangkok, Thailand

This Thai capital seems to have never been deserted by international tourists. Generally, they are from Europe and Australia, but not infrequently Indonesians are fond of the White Elephant Country.

Ketsara Chocksmai, a native and director of travel agents said that the surge in tourists was seasonal. So that long-lived residents or local residents can anticipate at certain times. He felt the city of Bangkok was very pleasant from June to September because of the many tourists. “This is the rainy season for us, so there are not many tourists visiting in that period,” he said.

However, the local population generally refuses to crowded places like Khao San Road in Bangkok or even the Pattaya area. Local residents often seek tranquility in so many temples in the city, such as Wat Phra Kaew in the old city which is considered the holiest because it has an “Emerald Buddha” with a height of 6.6 meters and carved from jade.

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